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The chapter begins with the introduction of the Dazzlings as a seapony rock band, a quite famous one as well. They are actually not evil at this time, maybe a bit shallow and focused on fame but otherwise they do their job well and promote the wish spell. But the group has one thing that does differentiate them from the normal rock bands: they utilize trans-tribe magic to shift between the forms of seaponies and flutterponies at will. While it is generally somewhat accepted that seaponies need something like this to go pretty much anywhere, the group using the spell in such a provocative, seductive and open way is quite controversial. If this society had continued without the disaster, the singers could have been ahead of their time, hinting at a possible ruination of all tribes in the future. It is also worth mentioning that they have two additional members (Tempo Wave and Oratorio Waltz) with them.

Adagio Dazzle reflects back how huge her seapony family was and the downside seems that the connection to her family is not as deep as for example Twilight’s. Unlike the unicorn Adagio’s description of her parents sounds downright distant. Even before becoming a rock star she was mostly interested in fame and pretty snarky but saved sailors about to drown willingly, as did her sisters. However she views her own group as so superior to others that the only band she accepts as real competition is Melody’s group. Compared to her Aria Blaze appears to be more aggressive, smug but at the same time more open to others especially Melody and her family. Strangely enough Sonata Dusk is very different from her movie version, well spoken, smart, traditional and careful. Tempo Wave is the one of them that is the most genre savvy, able to criticise herself and her sisters and the one who is able to calm the conflicts within their group. She is basically the Heart of the group. Finally Oratorio Waltz is the one responsible for their dance routines who is mostly behind the more pragmatic aspects of the group.

As the wish spell hits the Dazzlings, their main wishes are contradicting each other but the spell takes the easy route when trying to fulfil their shared secret wish of becoming the lead singer. It creepingly ends up merging them together into a single entity basically killing their egos and individuality. Together they are Starsong Melody and while she does befriend Pinkie Pie and will have many happy years with her, eventually the end of the G3 world will be her personal tragedy. Starsong is doomed to become a mere shadow of existence and an extremely hateful one, even towards Pinkie Pie. It is really hard to say which fate is worse but ultimately the spell collapsing into itself ends up in pure madness for the Dazzlings. Being underwater does not protect the five singers at all and the transformation spell in their bodies reacts violently with the uncontrollable magic. As Adagio awakens, the first thing she is able to register is that Tempo got impaled by a wooden beam and is already dead. Oratorio is in an even worse condition as the spell did violently mutate her into a being that is barely alive. The lead singer is able so console her sister for a moment before she dies right before her eyes.

Her other two sisters did survive the spell and the resulting transformation. Unlike Oratorio their bodies are fully formed and look exactly like the siren forms from the movie. Only when Adagio sees her two sisters the leader singer begins to realize that she herself did also turn into a monster. Even her fellow seaponies attack them, either for their hideous looks or for having supported the wish spell. Not even their family supports them. They can only flee to not be killed and eventually they find kindred spirits in the form of the Rockin’ Beats. Both groups do not truly care for each other but they absolutely need each other to survive. So Sonata pragmatically blames Melody who is in no condition to argue against that and eventually the two groups prepare to continue together.

While the normal ponies handle the work on land, the sirens collect fish and scare potential lynch mobs away. Adagio meanwhile is still too broken to help the group at the moment but her time will come. She has lost the fame and adoration that was the center of her entire life but the band also lost their greatest rival in the form of Melody. It was a friendly rivalry with genuine respect towards the singing pony. The fact that the three are still able to sing is their only light of hope. And while the survival seems to go well at first, soon enough the sirens realize that no matter what they eat, their hunger remains. It doesn’t take long for them to find something that does feed them however. Logan arrives to try to talk the Beats into embracing their friendship with Melody again and to admit that the singer is no guiltier for this mess then they are. This quickly results in an angry confrontation that feeds the sirens and for the first time the three notice the green smoke that they devour.

Soon the three sirens begin to experiment with their new friends and realize that their anger, misery, aggression and violence do feed them now. But the three still have a certain restraint and the process doesn’t seem to suck the other band dry. However things take a turn for the worse when a much larger and better prepared mob arrives to take their revenge on both bands. They do overpower the small group and soon enough they start to slowly torture the ponies to death. The pure hatred feeds the sirens more then ever before and by now the three have become powerful enough to be immune to stabbing. This is certainly not normal for seaponies. Then suddenly Adagio is able to transform herself into a shape very much resembling a flutterpony. She begins to sing about discarding her old self and fully embracing her new existence as a siren while her sisters undergo a similar transformation and join her song. They take control of the other band and the lynch mob out to kill them at the same time and utterly enjoy the control they now have over others. After the world took away everything they had, they feel no remorse about taking it back by force.

Soon enough the sirens build their own base on an island well fortified by natural obstacles. Thanks to the power gained from their slaves, they have become ageless so they have all the time in the world to establish their rule. While their seamonster forms have become infamous, their flutterpony shapes are almost unknown to the world, which the Dazzlings gladly exploit. They take those they like with them as slaves, especially sailors to prey on their ships. And in the current hellish state of the world most fail to resist the sirens. The three obtain power and use it to provide themselves with luxuries that are otherwise lost on the world like working DVD players. This means a lot in a world that is falling apart into a medieval state. Many of their slaves suffer to bring them this comfort. It is shallow but at the same time extremely creepy as it shows how little the suffering of their victims means to them. The only ones they treat with respect are the Beats who still remain under mind control, a bit similar to how Chrysalis did treat Sweetie Belle. But in the end the other band dies, the last ones the sirens cared for but themselves. Eventually the world around them deteriorates even further into the madness of racism which only makes the three more powerful since they feed on such negative feelings.

As society reverts back into the middle ages the sirens do no longer have to fear a possible retaliation by an organized military force, the ponies have separated in small and weak herds. So the sirens end up taking over a country and basically own all ponies inside like slaves, it is a bit like how Discord rules. They do not provide any government but while they basically destroy structure society, religion and free will, they at least don’t genocide the ponies like Discord does. They seem very able to keep the population stable and this could have continued for all eternity if the Windigos hadn’t come. The sirens contain enough hatred to be one of the top targets of the eternal creatures. In this case using the power of hate backfires spectacularly since the Windigos use this very power to freeze them in place. While this state does kill all of their slaves, the three sirens remain alive and actually grow stronger because the world is filled with more and more hatred. However the ice spell is powered by their concentrated hate so even after the defeat of the Windigos the three remain entrapped.

In their imprisonment one of their greatest fans does notice them for the first time: The concept of the Devil himself. They stand for everything he believes in, especially for the destruction of free will, so Morning Star blesses them with his approval. They make fine champions to his cause. Meanwhile the icy trap is actually not that horrible for the three since they are able to communicate with each other and are able to create a crystal ball that allows them to witness what is going on in the world. So they stay well-informed and while they do try to plan their next actions, the fact that they are pretty much struck here means that they only have one kind of power left: the power to decide what they see inside their crystal ball. Again they have fallen, this time from absolute rulers of their land to passive observers. They actually do care a bit about seeing the reuniting of the two tribes they were once members of (flutterponies and seaponies) with the other ponies. The Dazzlings also see how the pony tribes try their hardest to restore their society from its total destruction and they are one of the few beings old enough to correctly remember history, next to the Paradise Ponies.

So they witness the birth of the cursed Changeling race as well but nothing compares to the advent of Discord. They despise how he uses his power in the most childish and narrow-minded way possible but his chaos brings them even more power. However what does shock them more then the Dazzlings want to admit is to see Discord genocide both the seaponies and the flutterponies on a whim. Despite the fact that they were once born as seaponies, they did feel a connection to the flutterponies that went beyond mere appearance. Eventually Discord’s own arrogance leads to his downfall and the three suddenly begin to realize that the hate that had sustained them so long no longer flows freely to them. In fact the world improves so much under the rule of the Alicorns that the sirens no longer have the power to see the newest developments. Now they could slowly die here from starvation and nobody will ever know. Even escaping would be pretty pointless since the Princesses will notice their activities and they are powerful enough to defeat them if they could fell Discord.

However they remember that Shady only had one aspect of power with her that still made her far mightier then the average pony. The rest is still out somewhere in the form of the Alicorn Amulet. But they need to free themselves first so they begin to sing to make the ice around them grow, to shape it into something that will get the attention of clueless ponies.

Overall this was a pretty eerie origin story for the Dazzlings. They didn’t start out as monsters but slowly grew into them. At the beginning they were smug and arrogant but were willingly saving those in need and their rivalry with Melody’s group was pretty friendly. There was a reason they got well along with the remains of the Beats even after their transformation. But the loss of their most caring and pragmatic members, the traumatic changes to the world and the temptation of power eventually turned them into monsters only Morning Star truly admires. The very idea that the Devil would look at somebody from a position where he can literally see everything and be completely satisfied is certainly highly disturbing. But the Dazzlings are not done yet, now it is time for their main act.
Er... Hello, Pinkie Pie. You want me to review your latest script? Sure... I need to introduce myself in case some strange beings from beyond this dimension are listening to us? Okay, doesn’t sound stranger then some of your earlier baking recipes. My name is Maud Pie and I am here to spend some time with my little sister. So let's get this started.

It is nice to see that you got a lot more orderly and started to clean up after giant battles with the forces of Tartarus. Do you remember how your sisters usually had to clean up after your parties? I sure do. Oh well but you still needed some bits to pay for the costs and by some bits I mean a lot of bits, as many bits as you have thrown parties. Your first plans did involve interaction with other universes, magicians, time travel and the ruler of Tartarus but nothing did work. Strange, I have the sudden urge to yell at this ruler person who refused to help you. Oh well, you finally managed to get the needed bits with the biggest bake sale ever. I always knew that your ability to be in more places at once is useful. I bet you didn't even need the flux capacitor from this Doctor guy and it was more of a good luck charm.

You already made so many episodes of your Variety Show? Big sister is so proud. But full body pony suits sound a bit dangerous, like they would make identity theft very easy. What do you mean they are even canon? Your party cannon is completely different. I wonder how I missed hearing about those, I didn't live under a rock for all the past years. Through that sounds really tempting. And you had so nice things with your friends like a dance competition with Prince Blueblood and fusing and swapping ponies. Pinkie, you had tried an espresso before you wrote this script, haven't you? Where did this What-if-machine come from? You build it yourself with some “borrowed” parts from that Doctor guy?

Did you ask him? Well, if he threw away the parts then I guess he won't miss them. Do you keep inviting him to make up for it? He sure shows up quite often here. Besides that you did so much from answering letters to meeting nice girls like Megan and Spectral Rush, Nightmare Night disguises, vacuuming up dark illusion spells, having fun with visitors from other dimensions and with adorable children. I am not too surprised considering the things you did back at the farm. Do you remember the giant enemy crab robot you built and how your sisters had to hit it for massive damage? Good times. One of the most famous battles that ever happened on a rock farm and no rocks were hurt.

But you don't need to afraid of the end. Somehow... somehow I know that an end is just part of a good story. Videogames sure love their endings and usually pack the best stuff in there and can you imagine a book without an ending? All the pages would fall out if you remove the back of the book. I remember the next part! We really should have installed a skylight before using a giant telescope to look into the sun. At least we didn't set the studio on fire like Mr. Mushi is in his exile at the sun. I wonder if he can measure the time spent there, maybe he could count the rotations of the planets? I think the sun flower arrangement actually spells out something. And it is not appropriate for my little sister to see such filthy words. If rocks are that dirty, they need to be cleaned for a long time to get them to shine.

Strange how many wish for ponies to easily overcome all of their obstacles, I guess they mean well but those ponies still need a challenge from time to time or it will get boring to watch. I am sure my sister would find it funny to see something that would have given them trouble two seasons ago being overcome much easier. And Celestia's dark secret is that she hates tea and slowly made cake more important? Sounds more like a story for the tabloids. Apparently she doesn't like snakes as well. Rocks are much better pets anyway. They eat nothing, drink nothing, never leave a mess behind and even hiss much less then snakes. Next we have a battle between sparkling vampire ponies and identical ninja ponies. Now that I think about it, actually not much of a surprise to see the large group of identical ninja mooks lose against the six unique vampires. I did learn a thing or two how stories work from Pinkie Pie. Who I prefer? Vampires? Ninjas? Pirates? No, rocks are my favourite. And finally Pinkie Pie and her friends become Alicorns and face off against the son of Morning Star. I wonder who the mother was...

Then we have a few suggestions of tropes. None of them involve rocks unfortunately. I dunno I think the part about your farmer friend be willing to let her trees go if they wanted to live their own lives is more heartwarming then awesome. But the what-if-machine has a few more things to say. It shows Morning Star's son slithering around the minds of ponies to bring out the worst in them while Justitia tries her hardest to combat his influence, very literally as the two soon begin to fight. Next Shining Armor (as a pilot) finds himself confronting an AI version of his wife wanting to take over the world and make Shining fall in love wit her. Not necessary in that order. Eventually her mind magic makes him lose control until the real Cadence counters with her own music and the siren is defeated when Shining rams his plane into her computer core. He survives thanks to his shields but I wonder if this version of him had better aim. Maybe there is a reason that he rammed the core instead of firing on it.

It seems we don't have the best track record with machine gods. One instantly decides to eat the brains of every sapient being, did they activate the zombie setting by accident? Oh well it didn't come far since the concept of the fool “accidentally” manufactured a slight design flaw into it. The next one is actually not evil, it just views hope, ideals and fantasies as the direct path to evil and wants to remove them. But it is facing my sister as an Alicorn now named Thalia. Wait, if she kicked the machine to get this visions, do I get to see an Alicorn version of myself if I kick it too? But unlike the last one this machine puts up a fight and Thalia gets hit multiple times by giant lasers and sharp wires, yet instead of being injured she becomes her previous selves: a young Alicorn, G4 Pinkie Pie, G 3,5 Pinkie Pie and eventually Surprise. In the end the machine is defeated and with its final words it begs the Alicorn to take good care of the stories for it. What a strangely sad end.

Er... Pinkie Pie? I feel like I just talked more then in my entire life before. How about you handle the rest of the script while I take a break? I would like to see how you do it usually.

Sure! Sure! Hey! Guess whose back! The pony with the pink! Our exiting story continues with my dear sister on her epic quest to get party supplies. Little did she know that the Evil Dark Lord hid them in 8 dungeons and she had to traverse the entire map of Equestria to... Wait a minute. Wrong script. Instead Maudie encountered a stallion with a mustache. Oh!! He must be evil if it is one of those twirly mustaches. And he has a cutie mark of himself. Does this mean his cutie mark self has a tiny cutie mark of himself and that tiny cutie mark again has an even tinier cutie mark? My head begins to hurt. Or is he just very good at being himself? And then he talks about how altruism is the road to evil. Ugh. I wonder what the machine god from the previous scene would have said to that. Probably something like “Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!”

But now to the ponies that matter the most to me: my friends! They are all invited and their big siblings too! Then a timeskip happens and everybody arrives: Rarity, Sweetie, Applejack, Big Mac, Fluttershy and Fluttercruel, Twilight, Shining Armor, Cadence Kifuko and Midnight. Big Mac certainly feels a bit average next to the stallion who married a princess, has these brightly colored shields and helped to save the world. Then it gets WORSE. I just talked in all caps so bad did it get. Three perfect stallions more beautiful and powerful then anybody else and with sparkling teeth enter the studio. Their teeth are vampires! Ah! Run! Who those three are? Fluttershy's big brother Zooming Confidence whose support is the only reason that the shy pegasus managed to do anything, Light-Barrier who gets constantly worshiped by his little sister Rainbow Dash and Uniquely Belle who is even more ladylike then Rarity and manages to put the two babies present to sleep. The last one doesn’t sound as impressive if I say it like this…

Run for your life! It is the Invasion of the Mary Sues! The Night of the Living Mary Sues! The Final Sue Fantasy 13 now with even more linear hallways! And instantly whatever they claim to be good at comes into reality. Where did I put my anti-Sue weapons? I knew I had them just a minute ago. Maud, did you see them? Uniquely Belle did eat them? Now I feel like symbol swearing: exclamation mark, bracket, question mark… Okay, back to the script. Shining Armor is able to resist their spell and instantly everybody is against him and calls him an attention horse. Then Gilda bursts into this mess, poor griffin you have the worst timing. This is her second run-in with a Mary Sue. Rainbow Dash attacks her verbally before Light Barrier strikes physically and everybody cheers at the display of brutality. I think the reaction of the confused Cadence speaks for all of us. Shining tries to defend Gilda, he knows that she is much better then they claim but again he has everybody against him.

The only one who can clearly see what those three really are is the little blank wolf that is now with Sweetie Belle. He is even able to cure Sweetie Belle of their influence. But the Sues quickly notice and make everybody extra-aggressive against him. Now the bearers are ready to use their Elements against the poor puppy, I doubt Hasbro would ever want us to fight against little dogs. Unless we get a crossover with My Little Pet Shop… Eventually Sweetie is forced to use her own body as a shield for her little pet and Shining figures out that the three newcomers are not really their brothers, but Mary Sues like Nameless. This only leads to even more extra-aggressiveness against him but on the plus side it does distract the bearers from blasting anypony with their Elements. Hey, I am looking very hard for positive things here. We need a distraction!

And the distraction turns out to be... drum-roll... Maud with the catering, who pulls so much weight at the same time that it makes Big Mac feel even more mundane in comparison. And big sis is just as confused as everybody would be to walk into a room to see the defenders of Equestria ready to blast an invisible puppy. Shining might be right, maybe there is some good in the three and they want to be part of the family but only know the Sue way of life? On the other side I think Maud appreciates how understated the reaction to her arrival is, she always likes it more subtle. But Shining knows an easy Mary Sue test, they can never resist talking about themselves or making others talk about themselves. And the three manage to score an “A+++”! Congratulations! You are all horrible Sues! Unlike Maud, she failed the Sue test. Sorry sis how about some rock ice cream to get over it? Wait a minute, that is the kind of test nopony wants to pass! You can still have some ice cream through.

Strange that Maud actually doesn’t like these three. Yes, they are ultra-annoying but usually the Sue effect is to force everybody to love them no matter what, even rocks. Like bad shipping fanfiction! Now everypony gets extra-insulting to Maudie because she doesn’t worship the ground the Sues walk on. Can it get any worse? I shouldn’t have said that. Not even Shining’s attempts to point out the glaring contradiction and jerkness of the situation seems to do much about it. But together with Cadence he might be able to turn this game around by putting more focus on Maudie. Until another Sue interrupts the party with her water magic, it is a Canon Sue: Cessie the Kelpie. What is a Canon Sue? No, that a Mary Sue with a cannon but a Mary Sue from the heart world. Yes even the show and the comic can produce them. She can instantly control anypony with her songs, even the Dazzlings had to put some effort into it. I had a good idea with earplugs but it doesn't take long until somezombie pulls them out. Even the other Sues are easily overpowered but apparently being a Sue makes you immune against the Sue effect. Somebody needs to sue her.

Oh! And Cadence is also immune since it is still her concept of music that is used to enslave others. Strangely enough the Kelpie just leaves after threatening to send all brainwashed ponies at once at her, that's smarter then the average Sue for sure. However Cessie finds herself faced with forcefields powered by the power of adorableness (1,21 gigawatts in case you're wondering) of Kifuko and Midnight. Now it is time for Cadence to fight against the Kelpie with the backup of the Blank Wolf and the Opaque Wolf and Sweetie Belle. Cessie takes this turn of events well (just imagine me making a Liarjack face here) and the forces of water magic and sonic blasts, wolf attacks and dark magic clash. Suddenly the Kelpie whips out her special surprise, the most annoying attack stolen right out of Kingdom Hearts 2. I always wondered why you get a game over when you don't destroy the water clones in time, nothing happens to you, the game just ends. Maybe the characters are just really sad that they couldn't win at the challenge, give up and go on a vacation?

Well, the hero with the keyblade would have wished to have those fast wolves as backup as they make mincemeat out of the water constructs. Then Sweetie Belle's dark magic actually injures Cessie and yeah here she really isn't likeable at all. Because if she left her friends behind to conquer another world and used the water sprites as shields then the only nice thing about her goes poof. How will the ponies endure Cessie's monologing? Will anypony notice the three other Mary Sues or will they spend the rest of the party staring at the wall? Has Big Mac the chance to overcome his self-esteem issues and find true love? Will Maud smile with us? Take a look at the next chapter to find out, same pony channel, same pony time. And at the end I have a nice surprise for Maudie in the form of rocks shaped like stars, you might call them rock stars.
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What did you think of Rainbow Rocks?
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I think the movie manages to avoid pretty much everything I didn't like about the first one. It puts more focus on the conflict and the characters, develops the villains more and has less time wasted. In fact it even develops Sunset more, giving her a pretty good character arc. The first movie really felt like it wasted her potential and presented her as a mere bully for the most time.

The songs are amazingly catchy especially the villain songs and the final battle of the bands. The final showdown is also a good combination between a battle of bands and a real battle, reminded me a lot of a similar scene from Scott Pilgrim.
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Well actually Havoc did admit defeat and responsibilty for his avatar going insane when Celestia did meet him the last time. He also forgave Bright Eyes for killing the shadow of his son so in a strange way he is the most emotional Elder we have seen so far. Entropy so far didn't but considering that she talks very little, it is hard to imagine her saying things like this anyway, she is just not emotional enough for things like this.

Sometime I wonder what the Alicorn Elders think about Morning Star and if they made a mistake with his parenting in this timeline. On the other side I always think it is cheap to blame the sins of a child on the parents.
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