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November 17, 2012
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As Discord turned around he saw that two of the Elements had taken the attacks. Loyalty had shielded Luna while Laughter had guarded Celestia. As the sharp spikes were struck in them, they slowly began to turn to stone. For a moment Discord could see images of Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie looking determined.

Suddenly the two tentacles moved backwards and ripped out the two Elements.

The Draconequus could only stare in shock as the Nightmare had managed to interrupt the spell in the critical moment. The other four Elements continued to circle around the Alicorns but their movements were hectic and panicky.

His daughter would not be able to hold Phobia in place until the spell is charged up a second time.

The energy of Loyalty and Laughter slowly began to vanish, as the two appendages stuck in them started to turn completely to stone.

Discord made a decision.

"Fluttercruel, I promise I will be there for you but right now my sisters need my help. It will only take a minute."

He could feel her grabbing his lion paw.

"Dad, you better keep this promise. I will keep little Miss Half Moon busy for you."

She let him go as he flew forward to the two Elements. The Draconequus had almost no power left, otherwise he would have just teleported over to them.

"It is nonsense, I can do it."

Even his broken wing didn't stop him. The Nightmare howled in anger behind him but he ignored it.

"It doesn't make any sense, I can do it."

The tentacles that had touched the pure Harmony had completely turned to stone. Discord knew very well that this could happen to him as well. Every second of this flight was painful but somehow he was able to keep going.

Discord was almost there.

As he got closer, the two sisters could hardly believe what they were seeing. The incarnation of Chaos hoped that if he threw them the two Elements back before they vanished, it would still be possible for Celestia and Luna to continue their spell.

"All or nothing, I am not afraid anymore."

The Draconequus grabbed the two Elements of Harmony, the only things that could hurt and defeat him in the past.

Everything went white.


A familiar voice echoed through Discord's mind.

"Remember you three represent the three foundations of this world. You, Celestia, are the Light, my little Luna embodies the Darkness and last but not least Discord is the Chaos between those two forces."

He could hear his daughter laughing. The Draconequus remembered this moment perfectly. It was when he was able to make her laugh at her horrible nightmare by turning it into a Live Action Show.

Discord could feel the scars the shadows had left on him for a second. The incarnation of Chaos remembered how he went into Oblivion to save her.

It was strange. There was so much Harmony everywhere but it didn't hurt him like last time. He still preferred Chaos but this wasn't too bad either. It was somewhat comforting.


Slowly he was getting used to all the light and could see both Alicorns standing next to him. Celestia was still accompanied by Generosity and Friendship while Luna had Honesty and Kindness.

"Celestia? Luna? Did we …die? Nah, I would never end up in the same place with you."

"No, we are establishing the connection to the Elements right now. That is what it feels like."

Celestia had a hard time spelling out what she knew was the truth, but the Sun Goddess could still hardly believe it. Discord had fought at their side but she never suspected him to be able to go this far and defy his own Disharmony for his daughter.

"So I managed to push them back towards you?"

Wordlessly Luna pointed towards him and he noticed two energies by his side: Laughter and Loyalty.

"That… That doesn't make any sense…" Discord was almost unable to say anything else. He could understand Laughter coming to him but Loyalty of all things?

"Make sense? Oh, what fun is there in making sense?" Celestia said with a smile.



Only now did she notice Spike crawling weakly towards her. He practically dragged himself forward with his right claw. She knew that her number one assistant needed her help.

Owlowiscious was also by his side but the owl seemed too weak to help the dragon. Not for one second did Spike complain that her nightshift assistant did lean on him.  

More than anything Twilight was worried about her two friends suffering before her eyes. But they were fighting their suffering; they hadn’t given up so easily. She tried to get back up. She had to try it for them.

Twilight Sparkle suddenly felt something very comforting besides her horrible pain. Slowly she rose from the ground and helped Spike to stand. Her horn still felt like someone rammed a knife into it but she didn’t need her magic to help her friends. The baby dragon's feet were still shaking but her support allowed him to stand surer. She would not let her Number One assistant to fall.

Slowly they moved to the window and saw several ponies outside their houses. Mayor Mane, Miss Cheerilee and Berry Punch were standing outside and had already begun to organise a search in the village. Others might still need help.

It was one of the things she loved about Ponyville, beings like Nightmare Moon and Discord could torment them but eventually the ponies would stand back up and try to continue their lives. No, it wasn’t just Ponyville and this wasn’t only limited to ponies.

"Now Spike, once you feel better I want you to take a letter. We need to inform the Princess as soon as possible. And then I need to get down there and help them in this search."

Owlowiscious carefully hoped to their side, carrying the writing utensils. He was still too weak to fly and Spike put his claw on him to help him. The dragon already felt better.

"I'm ready. And don’t think that I will let you go alone, I will go with you."

Twilight had to chuckle, sometimes Spike could be more stubborn than Applejack. But she was grateful that he was there for her.

"Dear Princess Celesita…"

The Alicorn of Light could feel her friendship.


Applejack thought about taking a nap for one second before rejecting this idea. She was much more afraid about her family being in danger. They might need her help right now.

"Ah can stand on my own. Ah don't need help for that."

Her body collapsed again.

“Ah… Ah need help. Ah can’t do it on my own.”

Then the farmer heard somepony carefully moving before her door. The footsteps were silent but slowly somepony managed to open the door with her head.

It was her sister Applebloom. The face of the filly was filled with pain but she kept going and forced her body to move forward.

“Sis… are ya okay?”

Applebloom continued to walk towards her. The filly was still weak but she seemed to be more worried about her big sister. The farmer was so proud on her little sister.

"Ah need your help, 'Bloom."

Both supported each other as they carefully trotted into Granny Smith's room and found Big Macintosh already there.

He tried his best not to show it, but it was clear that he was through the same things she had experienced. Granny Smith smiled weakly at her family. Winona was also there and slowly wagged her tail.

"We are not lettin' some fancy pain pin us down. We are Apples, we just keep on rollin'."


The Alicorn of Darkness could feel her honesty.


The pink pony heard two voices from Sugarcube Corner's main floor.


"Are you alright?"

There was no doubt who these two were. Normally she would just pop up next to Mr. and Mrs. Cake but she was far too weak for any sudden bursts of speed.

Slowly the pink earth pony raised her two forelegs. Somehow she knew she had to be with her foster parents downstairs, even if she had to drag herself downstairs. She could not allow herself to worry them.

It was painful to drag her body down the stairs but if she survived an avalanche, then she could get through falling down a few stairs as well.

As she saw her two foster parents Pinkie Pie’s first reaction was to hug Mr. and Mrs. Cake as they hugged back even tighter. Gummy looked out of her ballooned mane.

"Don't worry, we will survive, Aunty Pinkie Pie will protect you."

It was clear that her two foster parents were suffering just as she did but they seemed to slowly recover by themselves. The pregnant Mrs. Cake had still trouble to stand on her own.

"Pinkie, we always wanted to say… we were always proud of you. Except the one time when you made these baked bads and poisoned half of the town." Mr. Cake said with a half-smile.

"I know you will be a great big sister for the little one." Mrs. Cake added with an honest smile.

With much effort Pinkie Pie and Mr. Cake eventually managed to carry the pregnant mare to the next couch.

“Where did you get this couch from Pinkie Pie?”

“Rarity occasionally summons them when she is fainting dramatically. And the ponies say that I do strange things.”

Despite everything else both Mr. and Mrs. Cake had to chuckle.

The Draconequus of Chaos could feel her laughter.


"Sweetie! I am coming!"

Defying everything that pinned her down the fashioista slowly rose from the floor of the Carousel Boutique and walked towards her sister’s room. She needed her, nothing else mattered now.

Her magic didn't seem to work under this stress so the white unicorn just knocked the door open with her head. Her entire body was covered in sweat and her mane was a mess but she didn’t care.

Sweetie Belle was in the middle of the room. It seemed that she had tried to reach her older sister before collapsing there. Why didn’t she stay in her bed? The white unicorn dreaded how this agony must be for her younger sister. She had to do something for her.

She wasn’t sure what she could do but she as fast as she still could Rarity staggered over to her little sister and picked her up.

Carefully the white unicorn carried her sister to the bed. She was far more concerned with her safety than with her own pain.

"Sweetie, please say something… anything," the fashionista pleaded.

The little unicorn was so cold that Rarity used her remaining strength to take some of the most expensive and comfortable dresses. Then she folded the clothes around her little sister. The white unicorn hoped that it would keep her warm. Rarity was hardly able to stand by herself now.

Sweetie Belle’s breathing started to get even again and slowly the filly opened her eyes.

"Sis…Sister? Did I fall into… your dresses? I am sorry."

The older sister was crying tears of joy. Opal slowly entered the room and jumped onto the bed. The cat sat down next to the still shivering filly.

"No, everything is fine. You can have them all."

Celestia could feel her generosity.


Her pet saw how hard Fluttershy tried to smile for him and to say anything that might make him feel better. Carefully Angel wiped off the tears out of her face.

They could hear screams of agony coming from her cottage. Her other animals were also in danger. Slowly she forced her body up. She tried to pick Angel up with her wings but he knocked them away and glared at her. In the next moment he managed to slowly stand up by himself and both walked towards her cottage.

Every step was painful but she had to do it for them. She was more afraid about her friends than about herself. Both pet and pegasus leaned against each other.  

It felt like an eternity but Fluttershy reached her house and the animals started to feel slightly better as they saw their caretaker returning. The hawk weakly hopped towards her while other animals looked relieved but were too weak to stand up. Even the bear had trouble on stand on his own.

"Thank Celestia you are all alright."

Finally the stress and pain were catching up with the pegasus and her feet began to stagger. Angel tried his best to stabilize her and soon both slowly walked forward into the middle of the group of her animals.

Fluttershy quickly counted her animals and all of them seemed to be here but still she felt like something was missing.

As she looked around the room to see that everyone was safe, she took a brief look into the mirror. Fluttershy still felt like she was forgetting something important.  

The pegasus was worried about her friends, her family, her animals and about somepony special who she didn't even remember.

Luna could feel her kindness.


Rainbow Dash could hear the screams outside. They didn't stop.

"Cloudsdale is in danger!"

Not knowing if she could do anything, Rainbow Dash slowly stood up and forced herself to move towards her door.

It felt like hours but eventually Rainbow Dash stood outside her cloud house. Everypony in Couldsdale seemed to suffer just as much as she did. Other ponies started to walk outside, some trying to escape their pain, while others wanted to help somepony.

In the middle of the street she could see Scootaloo lying on the ground.

A few pegasi were working on the house on the other side of the street and had fallen off their scaffold. Of all the pegasi Billy Dumbbell did help the fallen workers up. Rainbow Dash never thought that she would see something like this.

But now the equipment was starting to slowly break lose. Then it began to fall right onto the orange filly.

Scootaloo opened her eyes and could only stare in shock.

To her surprise she felt her body flying into the next cloud building with a high speed she never felt before.

The scaffold crashed into the clouds without harming anypony as the filly could only blink in surprise. Then she saw Rainbow Dash breathing audibly next to her.

"Are you okay Scoots?"

The body of the mare before her was covered in sweat and Rainbow struggled just to stand. This sudden burst of speed nearly took her everything she still had left but Dash was just too happy to see that the filly was safe to care.

"You… you saved my life. You are the coolest pony. No you were that already… You are the coolestest!"

Rainbow had to laugh, ignoring her pain for the moment.

"I will keep the old title, I am just happy that you are safe."

Discord could feel her loyalty.


"They are still standing; they are still fighting back…"

Discord could hardly believe it. He had seen the mortals fighting against impossible odds but actually experiencing it himself was something completely different.

"And now it is our turn. Our own conflicts have brought the ponies nothing but suffering. But this time it will be different. This time we shall protect them with everything we have!" Luna proudly and loudly proclaimed.

The two Elements circling around the ruler of the Night radiated pure energy. Celestia extended her hoof towards her sister.

"I will be by your side to the very end. The ponies stopped me from becoming a Nightmare, they were there when I was about to give up all hope, they brought my sister back to me and saved the world multiple times. Now we will protect them."

The Elements around the Sun Goddess shined even brighter. Luna took the hoof of her sister.  

Discord put his eagle claw on the two hoofs.

"It would be silly to stop here. I have a promise to keep and I will not let something minor like this fake end interfere with that. Light, Darkness and Chaos are either evil or good. They can destroy and ruin or create and protect. It was always my choice to do what I did."

"Discord…" Luna started.

"I went to the mortals to show you how weak they are. No matter what the mortals did, I was unwilling to see anything else but weak toys in them. That was the reason that I was unable to accept that the healed six were standing before me and that was the reason that I lost the battle."

This was the first time Celestia and Luna ever heard the spirit of Chaos say something negative about himself.

"I saw their strength and I can't ignore it anymore. Thanks to them I finally have a family and my Chaos feels truly alive for the first time. What I want more than anything… what I really want… I wanted to save my daughter, I wanted to save her mother and now I want to protect this crazy chaotic Equestria with everything in it."

The two Elements around Discord glowed brightly.

Everything went white again.


The three incarnations saw the creature floating before them. She was still mostly trapped by Fluttercruel's Chaos and didn't even seem to notice them.


The three looked at each other and nodded.


They focused on the Elements and one by one they did awaken. Only now did the Nightmare concentrate back on the three incarnations standing before her.


Celestia felt her connection with Twilight, her sister, the other Elements, the other mortals she had befriended and even something from Discord. It was very little power compared to the overwhelming might she could feel before her but it was a start. She knew that these bonds had saved her in the past. A glowing star appeared on her forehead.


Luna had accepted the truths about her. She knew that despite Discord's manipulation she was responsible for her own actions as Nightmare Moon. The ruler of the Night knew that the consequences might hunt her for the rest of eternity but she was ready to bear that. But she also knew that thanks to her immortality she had all the time in the world to make up for her own mistakes. A glowing light in the shape of an apple appeared over one of Luna's eyes.


Luna and Celestia realised that the Elements had never truly left them. They were always by their side but as their own battle erupted the two sisters had turned their back on them. Now that their own bonds were healed again, the Alicorns were able to see it. One of the things Twilight had shown Celestia very clearly was that broken bonds could be repaired.

Discord always wanted to make his daughter smile. The Draconequus knew that he had succeeded many times with that goal. To see a smile in a tortured world had saved him once. But without a world there would be nopony left to smile. Below his neck a light in the form of a balloon brightened the darkness.


Discord merely smiled back. The countless eyes of the Nightmare began to move around erratically.

Celestia wanted to share anything she could with her ponies. They had been by her side when she needed them the most and even when she failed to save her sister. Her family and the mortals were the most precious things in this world. After everything that they had done, it was only fair that she had worked over 1000 years for them. The Sun Goddess would do it for another 1000 years if it would be necessary. A diamond of pure light appeared over her heart as her own cutie mark glowed brighter.

"NO! Pl-EASE, No! NoT again! DoN't H-URT mE a-GaIN!"

Luna knew how powerful kindness could be. Even after everything she did, her sister and the mortals hadn't given up on her. Twilight had done so much for her no matter how difficult it was. Fluttershy's kindness was stronger than Discord's manipulations and she could feel right now that the pegasus was worried about the daughter she didn't even remember anymore. She would not disappoint the mare who showed her how to tone down her voice. The outline of three butterflies glowed on her right foreleg as her own cutie mark radiated power.

"P-LEse StOP thIS! I wiLL n-EVER HurT any-PONY again! I k-knOW I WAs siCK! BuT I aM f-feELING BETter NOw! Y-yOU C-Can S-STop! STOP!"

On the body of Nightmare Phobia her eyes went almost berserk and constantly shifted into different directions.

Discord would never in all this time in his prison ever expect for Loyalty to come to his aid. But the Element just did that. He always admired unexpected things, even if they disrupted his plans. And by now it didn't seem so strange after all. Didn't he always stay on the side of his daughter, tried to protect her mother and aided the two Alicorns in battle without wasting one second on backstabbing anyone of them? Didn't he always try to stay loyal to his Chaos? Loyalty wasn't easy but now that he had a family he would never let go of them. Finally a glowing lightning bolt showed itself on his right wing and the Chaos around him radiated pure power.

"No. NO. NO. nO. NO. No. NO. No. no."

The three incarnations looked at each other and knew what they had to do. They all knew that the being before them was too instable and too insane. While her own fear of what was coming next was very real, she would backstab them the first chance she would get.

They felt the bearers by their side and the Elements within them.

The being screamed in rage but there was no escape.

Six lights shined brightly in the white prison. Lines of different colored light began to connect to each other and the colors changed faster and faster: Purple, blue, violet, yellow, green, red and finally white. A gigantic rainbow rose up and hit the creature before them. Her scream echoed over the entire white space as the being tried to fight against this power.

Nightmare Phobia desperately tried to separate herself so that the blast would only hit a part of her and the rest could use the distraction to escape.  

But the connection between the three aspects of reality obtained more and more power from the world they were protecting. They could feel the heartbeat of the bearers.

Twilight Sparkle looked at her two friends with her: Spike and Owlowiscious. Both were so different yet they had managed to become friends. Slowly the three started to recover but more than anything she wishes her other friends and her family would be with her.

Suddenly two small lines of light spread from her and connected her to the dragon and the owl. Even as the mortals didn't see the connections, they felt something very comforting. Another link appeared between her two assistants. Suddenly dozens of lines spread from the purple unicorn.

One white thin line connected her with Applejack. It would have been a bit too fancy for the farmer's tastes if she could see it, but it made her feel better. Then more links started to spread from her. Some connected her to the Apple family in the room: Big Macintosh, Applebloom, Granny Smith and Winona. Between them new lines started to form and joined the Apples together. Then more links began to spread from her family members as well.

Another white line connected to Rainbow Dash. The feeling somehow reminded her on the Elements of Harmony. There was a link between her and Scootaloo and the sensation made the little filly even more exited. More lines spread from Rainbow towards other buildings of Cloudsdale and even to the training grounds of the Wonderbolts. In turn more and more connections spread from these houses as well. They were thin at first but over time they became wider and brighter. One line that came from the blue pegasus flew off into the direction of the griffin territory.

Rarity was so relived that her sister had started to recover, white lines connecting the two ponies together. Opal purred next to them. All three were feeling better already and more and more links spread from them as well.

Fluttershy was afraid of the strange feeling at first but as her animals seemed to get better, she didn't mind it. In fact she herself felt much better already and she and Angel started to help the other animals up and find secure sleeping places for them. The connections spread all over the room. Links between herself and every single animal in the room build up and much more connections spread from her to outside her house. A single white line ended just in the middle of the air.

Pinkie Pie had to giggle. No only were she, her foster parents and Gumpy connected by weird lines but there were also three lines from the pregnant Mrs. Cake to herself. The pink pony had hoped that she would get more than one sister or brother and actually made a bet with Mr. Cake about that. Now she would get an extra large cake but this time she wouldn't eat it all by herself. She would invite all her friends for a big cake party. More and more lines spread from her foster parents to the outside of the room and dozens grew from Pinkie Pie herself. It didn't seem that anypony else could see these strange lines.

More and more connections spread around Ponyville. Mayor Mare, Cheerilee, Snips, Snails, Twist, Pipsqueak, Derpy, Dinky, Filthy Rich, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Featherweight, Berry Punch, Rub Pinch, Cheery Berry, Golden Harvest, Bon Bon, Lyra Heartstrings, Shoeshine, Rose, Daisy, Lily, Lemon Hearts, Minuette, Amethyst Star, Sea Swirl, Dr. Hooves, Pokey Pierce, Goldengrape, Noteworthy, Lucky, Caramel, Orion, Tootsie Flute, Nurse Redheart, Mr. Greenhooves, Lotus Blossom, Aloe, Holly Dash, Mr. Waddle, Junebug, Truffle Shuffle and many others were all part of the larger and larger growing energy. Connections spread everywhere.

In Cloudsdale Lightning Bolt, Cloud Kicker, Raindrops, Rainbowshine, Sassaflash, Parasol, Dizzy Twister, Medley, Merry May, Flitter, Cloudchaser, Thunderlane, Rumble, Roid Rage, Blossomforth, Wild Fire, Billy Dumbbell, Hoops, Score, Spitfire, Soarin', Fleetfoot, Rapidfire, Breezie, Misty and many more pegasi spread the links even further.

The lines started to spread all over the world.

They reached Canterlot and thousands of white links illuminated the city. DJ Pon-3, Octavia, Hayseed Turnip Truck, Donut Joe, Fancypants, Fleur de Lis, Twilight Velvet, Nightlight, Magnum and his wife, Hoity, Toity, Photo Finish, Prince Blueblood, Philomena and countless others felt the connection.

The lines found Appleloosa and the nearby Buffalo tribe. Braeburn, Sheriff Silverstar, Chief Thunderhooves, Little Strongheart and many others felt the same comforting feeling.

The links reached Manehattan and now the city was brighter than ever. Aunt and Uncle Orange, Sapphire Shoes and thousands of ponies and other beings felt the calming connections.

The power spread further and further over the world.

It reached countless members of the Apple family no matter where they lived or where they were at the moment. Apple Fritter, Apple Bumpkin, Red Gala, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Caramel Apple, Apple Strudel, Apple Tart, Baked Apples, Apple Brioche, Apple Cinnamon Crisp and many others felt like they had another family meeting.

The energy found a lonely rock farm. Inkie, Blinkie, Clyde and Sue were hoping that Pinkie Pie was doing fine wherever she was.

The power even reached some beings in the Everfree Forest like the Sea Serpent or Zecora. The zebra remembered her relatives that were so far away and wished that they were all well. Many lines spread from her and started to connect her with her family. The zebras noticed the feeling. At first several lines came out of the direction of Equestria but soon they also connected the zebras themselves. Friends, family members and even the other tribes were linked together.

It reached the Diamond Dogs in the deepest caves and dragons in the highest mountains.

Gilda at first thought this strange feeling was lame but several other griffins also looked like they were experiencing something familiar. Several white lines came from Equestria. But somehow nobody was worried, after all the pain they had just felt this was something completely different. It reminded many griffons at the ponies they had once met and who weren't as bad as expected. Then the connections spread from griffon to griffon as well.

The travelling showpony was all alone on a clearing in a forest near Canterlot. Trixie was looking into the sky and suddenly didn't feel that alone anymore.  

Fluttercruel couldn't believe how much power was drawn into this attack. The young incarnation of Chaos saw much more than what she remembered from Fluttershy's memory. She wondered if this was the full power of the Elements of Harmony.

Only then did she notice a white line that was connected to herself.


The Nightmare tried to defend herself but the attack came from every possible direction and no matter what defence she put up nothing was able to stop or even delay the energy. She wasn't even able to scream anymore as the power overwhelmed her.


I felt the horrible power flew through me as well. There was no escape. It was the first thing I actually felt since I had become one with all these shadows. Most had left me by now and I could see that the others disappeared as well.

They fell out of by remaining body and the fled back into the black ruptures that led to the place where I found them. I was all alone.

What had happened to me? Why did the three beings look so sadly at me? Even Discord's daughter looks like she pities me.

I could finally remember what I had forgotten. The time I once spend with Celestia and Discord. How could I forget that? What had I almost done?

My spherical body fell apart, revealing the remains of my old body inside. There was so little left of me. The Harmony now lessened the pain but it couldn't heal me after I had embraced the Nothingness. It was too late for me.

I had welcomed the end, my own end with open hoofs.

My last remaining wing disintegrated.

I tried to raise my last remaining foreleg to reach them. I wanted to say something, anything to them but I felt my head vanishing into nothing.


Fluttercruel saw the last parts of the Nightmare turn to dust and fall into the same ruptures the shadows fled into. There was nothing left of her. She was relieved that it was finally over and the ponies were saved. But somehow she still felt sad.

She wondered if the mortals had even noticed what had happened here.

The Harmony was able to rebuild the sections of the white space that were broken and much of it flowed into the subconscious world and the real world as well. There was a lot of damage to heal. It felt comforting after all the things she had to see and hear. For a moment she saw ghostly images of the five constructs smiling in this energy before it vanished.

Everything looked just like it was before she and Discord had built their small world here.

The three beings that had casted the impossible spell crashed hard into the ground. None of them were moving anymore.

Fluttercruel rushed to the side of her father.

"Wake up! Wake up you incarnation of laziness! You promised. You promised to me that it would only take a minute."

The young chimera could hear the two Alicorns slowly rise from the ground.

"Is it over? Is she… gone?" Luna said weakly.

"I think so… Discord!"

Celestia rushed to the side of Fluttercruel but the Draconequus didn't react at all. She wondered what kind of healing spell she might be able to cast on him.

Then a bucket filled with cold water hit the incarnation of Chaos in the face.

Without warning his body jerked upward throwing the bucket off. The bin flew right past the face of the Alicorn of Light, barely missing her.

"I'm awake! I'm… awake?"

"That was the stupidest thing you have ever done, dad."

"Give me a break; I hadn't any better ideas to make the spell work again."

"You could've died, you moron."

"You think that was an easy decision?"

"Don't try to talk your way out of this one, dad."

"You are becoming more and more like me."

"I'm fine with that!"

Both incarnations of Chaos hugged, Discord folded his wings around her.

"Dad, they're seeing this."

"It is not like I care about that right now, my little angel."

Celestia and Luna both had to help each other just to stand after the exhausting spell. The power of all three casters was almost completely drained after the incantation.

Luna looked to the spot where the Nightmare vanished. She didn't leave a single trace behind. The Alicorn wondered if the events could have been different if they had a chance to talk to each other before she had completely lost herself.

She knew what it was like to be lost in insanity but even in her darkest moments she didn't go that far. The Nightmare had sacrificed herself.

Celestia hugged her sister. She knew that she would need time to get over these events. But there was something she needed to talk with her about.

Meanwhile his daughter helped the Draconequus to stand and Discord looked at the cutie mark of his daughter with amazement. He saw the single butterfly with a green body and grey wings, surrounded by a red vortex as her very own symbol of Chaos.

"You earned your own mark. That is incredible! We will have the best cuteceaņera ever. You could change your name if you want. How about Eris?"

"Not a chance that I will change this name. I have just one question. What does this cutie mark even mean?"

"It stands for mastery of Chaos!" the Draconequus said sure of himself.

"No, it symbolises the calm in the center of the storm." Luna countered, now standing with her sister close to the two incarnations of Chaos.

"Maybe it means the kindness hidden under Chaos?" Celestia said carefully.

"Just wonderful, now I have three different… Wait a minute. You might be all right. Who said a cutie mark can't have more than one meaning?"

"Didn't you say this once, Celly?" Luna said with a faint smile.

"That was a long time ago. It was back when I tried to make things easier for the ponies…"

The Sun Goddess gave Discord an ambiguous smile.

"But I can remember very clearly that you called us your sisters for the very first time."

"So you can hear everything while you are in the middle of the spell… I mean… You must have misheard something."

"You really said that, dad."

"You better be careful. That would make you their niece and then they might give you the title of a princess," Discord whispered to his daughter.

Fluttercruel decided to be silent for now.

"And you did help us save the world." Luna added with a smirk.

Discord almost fell to the ground in shock.

"Now you are just trying to kill me."

"Quite the contrary, for that we decided to give you a reward. You may choose yourself but it has to be reasonable." Celestia proclaimed.

This time both incarnations of Chaos almost fell to the ground.

Discord looked thoughtful, while Fluttercruel wondered what he might ask of them.

Maybe her father would request to place his statue in one of the most disharmonic places possible, for example a lawyer's office? Or he could ask them to create a glass window about these events. Or he could request his face to be painted on the moon. Or…

"I ask you for only one thing. I can't deny what I have done and even after all of this, the seal of Harmony is still in place and prevents me from breaking free. I can accept that as a punishment for all the things I have done to the ponies and to you."

He smiled at Fluttercruel.

"But my daughter did only a few very minor misdeeds in her short time outside. 1000 years of banishment doesn't sound very fair for what she did do. So here is my request: Allow her to leave this place. If she needs to prove herself first, let her journey into a plane where she can be constantly watched by one of you, like the subconscious world. There is somepony special there who she has to meet again anyway."

The young chimera didn't care who was watching her right now, she cried tears of joy.

"I think my little angel does have something in her eyes, maybe chocolate rain."

It was the very first time he had asked the two Alicorns to do anything for anyone besides himself. Both Luna and Celestia looked at each other and nodded.

"Very well, we accept this request and will allow her to move under guidance in the subconscious world." Luna proclaimed.

Both Discord and Fluttercruel had beaming smiles. Celestia stared into the eyes of the Draconequus.

"Why didn't you ask us to make these events public? Are you so afraid of the ponies learning what you did for them?"

"Nah, they wouldn't believe it. How are you going to explain these events anyway? The truth will not work this time."

"Maybe we will declare that dangerous rogue magic caused the effect but we managed to prevent that from ever happening again."

Discord had to chuckle.

"That is technically not even a lie. I guess Honesty didn't come to you for a reason."

"So you're not honoring these events in a glass window? Damn it, there goes our chance." Fluttercruel pouted with a faint smile.

"After everything that happened before, they wouldn't understand it…"

Celestia looked sombre. She knew that after the recent day of Chaos the ponies would not be able to believe the events that had taken place just outside of their world.

"You will not hear me complain about that. I looked horrible on your last window," Discord added.

"Maybe we could try something more abstract this time?"

Luna looked at her sister, while the Sun Goddess considered that idea.

"But you can at least place my statue back to where it belongs. I am starting to get a headache from my body lying on its head."

All four had recovered enough to stand on their own. Luna noticed that the two Alicorns and the Draconequus all radiated much less power than before.

"Wonderful. We just got our full power back and now most of it is drained again."

"Well Lulu, I guess we will have to survive Heart's Warming Eve, Hearts and Hooves Day, Equestria's National Dessert Competition and the Royal Wedding with our remaining powers until we have recovered."

"What could possibly go wrong?" Discord added with an arch smile.

"Cut that out! On the other hoof, we better prepare in case something does go wrong," if Celestia had learned one thing then that fate usually loved to exploit opportunities like this.

Luna approached the young chimera.

"Are you ready for your second journey into the subconscious world?"

"Wait! Right now? Shouldn't we…"

"Someone is waiting for you. We shouldn't let her wait."

The younger incarnation of Chaos looked at her father who nodded back. Fluttercruel decided that this was not the time to act like a doormat.

"Fine, I'm ready. Just wait for me, dad."

Both the Alicorn of Darkness and the former pegasus vanished into the nearby realm, leaving Discord and Celestia behind.

"How about we try a nice game of chess?"

"… There is something I want to do first."

Concentrating on the point where his world of Chaos once stood, Discord let his power create a statue. On the pedestal stood five life-sized figures of ponies: A unicorn with an energetic smile was in the center, an earth pony with ballooned hair smiled widely on her right side, a sophisticated unicorn with a curly mane stood behind them looking approvingly, an earth pony with a cowboy hat stood on her hind legs and struck a small pose to the left side of the energetic unicorn and over them flew a pegasus with a cocky smile.

A golden inscription on the pedestal said: Not how we are born defines us but how we live.

A second larger pedestal rose from the ground under the first pedestal lifting the statue even higher and this part was completely belted by golden letters spelling out each and every name of the constructs that had sacrificed themselves to give Discord and Fluttercruel a fighting chance.

"I hope that the big Alicorn with the unpronounceable name has a place for them."

Celestia lowered her head and whispered a prayer for them before answering Discord.

"I am sure that they have earned it."

Slowly ground began to appear around the statue, creating something the two incarnations could actually stand on.

Only then did Discord notice that one small part of his old world did survive. As he teleported the small shard of his mirror into other worlds into his eagle claw, the Sun Goddess watched it with interest. At first it merely showed the reflection of the Draconequus but then the image inside shifted to a sleeping grey earth pony foal.

Celestia almost let out a scream of surprise as she was still able to recognise this version of Twilight Sparkle from one of the darkest worlds she had ever seen. But something was different; Twilight's colors shifted erratically going from purple to grey to everything in between.

And this unicorn did show emotions in her sleep. Her face seemed incredibly sad, her body shivered and even in her sleep she hugged the potted plants for dear life.

The Sun Goddess wished that there was still hope for her. Both she and Discord watched intensively as Twilight's face became calmer. Suddenly the image filled with light.

Both incarnations looked at each other.

"Was that what I think it was?"

Discord could only blink for a few seconds.

"YES! She made it, she finally did it! This unicorn is always good for a surprise."

The Alicorn couldn't remember a single moment of the time before his banishment when he ever laughed with such pure delight. She was just so proud on this version of Twilight.

The speed with which the ground grew around the statue tripled and soon the world began to extend much further than the old world did. Meanwhile Discord flew small circles over it while he continued to laugh. Grass and countless other plants began to rise from the ground. Celestia was pleasantly surprised how peaceful everything looked.

"Discord? Will you try to create new constructs to live in this world?"

Suddenly he stopped his random movements and hovered down to the Sun Goddess.

"I have to admit that I don't know that right now. I loved their company and seeing them growing. Maybe I could create constructs not directly based on mortals but some who combine various aspects into their own unique mix, some could be ponies, some griffins, some dragons and there are so many possibilities. The first one could be the chimera I once promised Twilight… But they will always depend on me. Without my Chaos and my concentration on them, they wouldn't survive. It might be the best if…"

"You can't do that on your own. But you don't have to do it all by yourself. Luna and I also talked about that and if you want we will help you with them this time. I think together we will be able to create them in a way that they are not completely depended on you."

"You would do that… But I have already chosen my reward."

"Consider it a gift of us towards them."


They saw Discord and Celestia standing below them, now both following the events in the mirror.

"It is time to go."

The white unicorn looked at the massive black Alicorn whose wings and face were just white bones. The five constructs were the only ones left after the other constructs had already moved on.

"Thank you for letting us stay just a few moments longer, Mister Mortis," Rarity said politely.

"Ya still remind me way too much at the Nightmare."

"That is not his fault, he was born like this. But he feels completely different. We should know better than to judge a book by its cover." Twilight added.

"Hey, at least we could stay a little longer at Fluttercruel's side when the others went ahead. She would probably say we are the clingiest souls she ever met."

"Rainbow! But I hope that her meeting with her mother goes well this time. I was just so happy when she turned this battle around with her Chaos." Pinkie Pie smiled.

"We did what we could for Lady Fluttercruel and Mister Discord. Now we simply have to trust them to find their own path."

"Hm, how are we going to explain all of this to the original Elements of Harmony when they will eventually join us here?" Pinkie Pie looked lost in thought.

"We could claim to be their evil doppelgangers." Rainbow grinned from ear to ear.

"In Pony Heaven? They wouldn't believe that for very long…"

"Yeah but it would be funny to see their faces. And we would get their full attention for the story afterwards."

Applejack still eyed the Alicorn of Death uneasily.

"Are ya related to Celestia or Luna?"

"It is a complicated matter."

Twilight walked next to the earth pony.

"You mean it would take a very long lecture to explain this?"

"Exactly. And My Father can explain it much better. You will soon meet him."

The farmer looked unsure at the Alicorn before her but after one glance at her friends she decided to ask her question.

"Are… are 'Bloom and the rest of the Apples okay?"

"You are the only Apple that will make this journey today."

"… Thank you."

The five souls nodded and walked closer to each other. They were ready.


Soon Fluttercruel recognised her surroundings. The same oversized green field with Fluttershy's cottage in the center was still surrounded by the same woods. Numerous animals were frolicking around but thankfully the gigantic tree was missing this time.

"First things first, I need another form. Something that she would not be afraid of, maybe I could use the appearance of her as a child again. That did work pretty well…"

Luna watched the grey incarnation in confusion.

"What are you talking about?"

"I am working on making a good first impression. Since it was just a dream for her, she probably will have forgotten the last meeting. Now this must be a grand, perfect and flawless first impression."

"Now you sound just like me, niece."

Fluttercruel's pupil dilated in shock.



The Alicorn of Darkness started to laugh as the young chimera looked at her in annoyance.

"What is so funny?"

"You know that this is the very first time someone asked me to not make her a princess. If you knew how many nobles were obsessed with that."

"I couldn't care less for such a cutesy title. No offense."

"None taken, but listen to the advice of somepony who tried the same thing: It will not work that way. You can not prepare for everything. And I think in this case you should try to show her who you are from the very start."

"Are you ins… serious? We are talking about Fluttershy who is afraid of her own shadow! How do you think she will react to her Draconequus/Pegasus hybrid daughter? If she would remember our last meeting she would be scared half to death."

"I saw how your last meeting went. The last time I had help when I was in a similar situation and I will not ignore somepony else who needs help."


Fluttershy could hear voices outside. The last thing she remembered was to bring all her animals back to their sleeping places before falling asleep next to her bed herself. Angel looked ready to carry her himself into her bed.

Now she was in her cottage and the rabbit was preparing a salad for them. Then she could hear somepony knocking on the door of her cottage.

Angel looked annoyed but as soon as she opened the door she could see Princess Luna appearing somewhat exhausted.

"May we come in?"

"O… Of course! I wanted to say that I am so sorry for the way I acted the last time! I didn't know what came over me! I am so very sorry! I am so…"

"That's quite alright. Hm, now I start to sound more and more like her. But I am here to give you and somepony else a special gift."

"Oh that isn't necessary. I didn't do anything special."

"You did more than you know. We will allow you to subconsciously remember certain dreams and regain the memories of them whenever you meet her."

The horn of the Alicorn of the Night touched the head of the shy pegasus and purple light enveloped Fluttershy's head. Angel jumped up to come to his owner's aid but an invisible forcefield stopped him from interfering with the spell. Suddenly the foggy almost vanished memories of the dream became crystal clear.

"Wha… She… my… Discord's… Why… She was really… She did… save me?"

Luna nodded calmly.

The kind pegasus tried her best to understand her unsealed memories. Fluttercruel had entered her dream to save her from this Nightmare and in the end she had revealed her true form towards her to shock her awake. Discord's daughter had saved her life. Her own daughter had saved her life.

"How could I have forgotten her? I am a horrible pony…"

"NO! YOU ARE NOT… you are not a bad pony. Despite it happening in a dream, you didn't forget her completely, that is why I was able to bring these memories back to the surface."

"Will this just happen again, once I will wake up? Will it all vanish?"

The Alicorn of Darkness put her left wing around the pegasus standing before her.

"Don't worry about that. These memories will now always return when you meet her in this realm. You will never truly forget her."

Fluttershy looked torn apart for a few moments before she shock her head and made a decision.  

"… can I talk with her?"

"Allow us to call her. FLUTTERCRUEL, NOW YOU MAY ENTER!"

The subtle use of the Royal Canterlot Voice pushed Fluttershy slightly away from the Alicorn. Then her daughter entered the cottage.

She looked just like the last time they had met: Grey fur, an eagle claw instead of the left foreleg, a lizard leg for the right hind leg, one of her wings was a batwing while the other was a yellow pegasus wing. But there was one important difference: She had her own cutie mark by now.

"I wanted to say that I am sorry for what I had to do. But I was too afraid that it might not work if I warn you before that. There was so little time to…"

The shy pegasus remembered the sorrowful eyes her daughter had before she had revealed her true form and who her father was. Even now she had a hard time to understand that she and Discord of all beings in Equestria had a daughter.

And she looked and moved so much like him. Fluttershy pawed the ground nervously.

"I… I understand. It is hard to find the right words but…"

Her actions spoke for herself. After the encounter with Discord, the shy pegasus knew that appearances could be deceiving and she couldn't deny what her daughter had done for her.

Fluttershy hugged her daughter.

"You are a good pony. You are not a newborn anymore, you have grown. And most of all I want to thank you for saving me."

Fluttercruel hugged back.

"I wasn't alone. I had some guidance on my way. You wouldn't believe the story I can tell you."

"I would love to hear it."

"It all began with me hearing 'Time to be cruel' in the hedge maze from Discord and then…"

Now Angel looked like he was about to faint while Luna quietly walked outside and decided to let the two catch up on everything they had missed. To her surprise the rabbit followed her.

The dark Alicorn sat down next to one of the smaller trees as the rabbit still looked at her in confusion. Mother and daughter were still talking inside and it could take some time for Fluttershy to learn the full story.

But thanks to the influence of Luna the dream would last as long as necessary. And after everything that had happened the kind pegasus needed a long rest to recover. The Alicorn decided to say something to the rabbit next to her.

"Family can be something wonderful, don't you agree?"
This is the final part of a tribute to a series of fanfiction by :iconalexwarlorn: about the popular series “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic”.

At a place outside of the reach of mortals Discord and Fluttercruel had build their own world of Chaos. But now the darkest hour is approaching fast and Discord and his daughter are faced with an opponent they may not be able to overcome by themselves.

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Discord’s very first letter: “The Girl Who Stole The Stars” from Chrono Cross [link]

Fluttercruel’s Chaos Wave: “Unexpected Enemy” from Panzer Dragoon Zwei [link]

Alternate suggestion by Kendell2 - Fluttercruel’s Chaos Wave: "You've Got The Touch" from Transformers 1986 [link]

The three incarnations and the Elements of Harmony: “Life ~ A Distant Promise” from Chrono Cross [link]

Mother and daughter: “Mirrors” from Tales of the Abyss [link]

Many, many thanks to :iconkendell2: for Beta Reading this story and giving me countless great suggestions and ideas for it. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. Thank you for all your help!

23/11/2012 On alexwarlorn's suggestion I have changed the scene when the mortals start to recover from the lingering effect of Nightmare Phobia. Because of the changes the fourth part had become too large, so I had to relocate the beginning of this part to the ending of the third part. Could you tell me what you think about the changes?

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