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October 26, 2012
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I felt a pain unlike anything I could remember. It was worse than being connected to and moving this horrible sun and it was more painful than the banishment to the moon by the hoofs of my traitorous sister. How could six mere mortals do that to me? Everything seemed to fall apart. Help! Somepony help me! It is eating me alive!

"It has been a thousand years since I have seen you like this. Time to put our differences behind us. We were meant to rule together, little sister. Will you accept my friendship?"

No matter how painful it gets I could still hear a voice. But it took me some time to realise who was talking.


It was a very familiar voice, a voice belonging to someone who once had my trust. Before she abandoned me, banished me to the moon and sent her Elements of Harmony to torture me.

It took a while before my other senses returned. It seemed that I was floating above somepony. Slowly I was able to recognise the two beings standing under me. One was small and dark and the other one tall and bright. Even in this state I knew that the tall figure had to be my traitorous sister. Eventually I was able to identify the small pony on the ground next to her.

It was me. My sister was standing over another version of me, a weak version of me that could hardly stand on her own hoofs. There was no pride in her eyes.

"Then who is she?"

She was in such a weak and pathetic state that it reminded me of the ungrateful ponies when my eternal night caused all their crops to die. Finally the copy was able to stammer something.

"I'm so sorry! I missed you so much, big sister!"

It was disgusting. How could she dare to apologise! Celestia and her ponies are to blame. She and the entire world should have to beg for forgiveness. This coward under me had no right to call herself ruler of the Night.

"So Discord was right all along, both about my sister and about the mortals. Without magic these little ponies are nothing. But he didn't realize how powerful and dangerous they could become with its aid. The Elements took everything away from me. My servants, my sister and I don't even feel my moon or my stars anymore."

Slowly my vision faded. I suspected that this was finally the moment where I would die and this cowardly imposter would take my place. But I didn't die. Instead I found myself back in a very familiar place. Even if it did look different every time, this was without any doubt the subconscious world.

This dream had taken the shape of a huge yet simple designed ship in the middle of an endless empty ocean. It lacked details and was what simpleminded foals did think real ships would look like. I could smell the dreaming mortal nearby. It was a small colt, his coat was white and had dark patches on it.

"These supposed Elements of Harmony only bring me suffering. I should have never unearthed these cursed things with Celestia!"

Carefully I moved closer to the ship's rail. I needed to take a look into the water to see that I was still Nightmare Moon, the unopposed ruler of Darkness. My fear was that they had even taken this away from me.

I saw a terrified small foal looking back at me, even younger than the other Luna I had just seen.

" They have stolen everything from me, even my life…

I just wanted to cry and never stop. How could have everything gone so wrong? How could I lose everything to mere ponies? How could they do this to me?

"I am not pathetic. I am not pitiful. I am the true ruler of this world. It all belongs to me!"

Tendrils of dark magic danced around me and I embraced them. They were the only ones that came to my aid.

I could feel my body changing and growing. I could feel bones breaking and reshaping themselves. My flesh felt like it was melting. The pain became even worse and now it was like a fire that devoured me completely.

No, stop. I didn't want that to happen! I didn't want to die. I didn't want to feel this pain anymore. I didn't want them to hurt me anymore. It was like I was cut in million pieces and they all vanished one by one. IT WAS ALL THEIR FAULT!

Then the pain suddenly stopped. I could move my legs but something was wrong with them. I could only slowly rise from the ground and took another look at my reflection in the water. Did I manage to restore my true glory?

I wasn't even able to scream when I saw my reflection. My body didn't turn into the one of Nightmare Moon. Instead of the dark and majestic Alicorn, I had taken the shape of a twisted corpse.

My head had lost all flesh and the ethereal mane; instead it was reduced to a skull attached to my spine, only my horn remained as black as it was before. The impressive wings had undergone a similar change and became skeletal, while growing twice in size. My legs had become segmented and outspread, now resembling four spider legs ending in sharp spikes. My one of a kind cutie mark had also vanished. And finally my ethereal tail was replaced by a sharp skeletal stinger.

I was completely shocked by my new appearance. The cursed Elements had finally succeeded and turned me into the being my subjects were always afraid of. In the end they had turned me into what they always saw in me: A monster.

I clearly wasn't Nightmare Moon anymore. But at the same time I didn't feel the hesitation I felt earlier. As my traitorous sister had paralysed me I was only able to very slowly use my darkness to impale her. This moment of weakness allowed her to seal me away with these damned Elements. Later another moment of hesitation did stop me from evading the attack of the Elements.

Now I was free of this hesitation. From now on I would never hold back against Celestia, her Elements or her subjects. This time I would not ask the mortals to bow down to me but force them into the dirt.  

"They have taken so many things from me but they have also finally opened my eyes to the truth. I should thank the Elements of Harmony for that. Maybe it was their inexperience with this power that had this wonderful effect."

Eventually my attention returned to the lonely mortal who dreamed a meaningless dream of sailing the sea with three earth ponies he hoped would become his friends. He was so caught up in this fantasy that he didn't even notice me or my awakening. It was another clear proof that friendship was a weakness.

All four clueless beings stared onto the endless sea as I surprised two of his imaginary friends from behind. Curiously I stabbed the two with the spikes of my forelegs and could fell their essence flowing into me. It was so easy, they offered so little resistance. I would have smiled if it would be possible.

Only two targets were left, both shaking with fear before the ship's rail. The final dream stood in front of the colt, futilely trying to protect him.

"Friendship is an illusion; your friends will never be there for you when you truly need them."

To show this truth to him, I causally stabbed the last dream with my tail and all life left the fake body. Nothing of any importance was lost. At the same time the real foal screamed in pure terror and jumped into the water. His cry was such a wonderful sound.

For a brief moment I felt alone but as sudden as the dream started it ended and I found myself in another dream. Each bit of the little foal's soul and mind I had absorbed had made me stronger. I never understood the true potential of this remarkable power before. Now a part of him will always be with me. To think that I once wasted this ability to save foolish mortals from their nightmares almost made me laugh.

Without any effort my form shifted into a perfect replica of Nightmare Moon. But that wasn't real anymore. I had become a new person thanks to the Elements.

"I am not Nightmare Moon, neither am I the Princess of the Night. I am… Nightmare Phobia."

Soon I shifted back into my real form.

"I will consume everything in my way until I have become the true and single ruler of Equestria. There will be no more suffering brought upon it by the Elements. They will never take anything else from me."

I knew that eventually this imposter would retake my original position and watch over the pitiful dreamers in the subconscious world. I am sure she had all my memories as well. I would expect no less from Celestia. But even then I would still have the advantage of knowing everything she knows and being able to hid myself as something she would just write off as a mere part of somepony's dream.

Over the next year I absorbed countless parts of the minds of clueless mortals. I never stayed in one dream for too long and constantly shifted into different forms, often impersonating monsters or ponies my generous hosts were afraid of.

The easiest emotion and part to absorb was fear. It could be found nearly anywhere. But I also learned a lot about the present times and the miserable ponies that have brought my downfall.

Twilight Sparkle the so called faithful student feared that if she would give a ticket to only one of the selfish beings she called friends, this would alienate the others. She was scared that nopony wanted her unimportant help in the Winter Wrap Up. The unicorn was afraid of the unknown even if it just involved the strange powers of her insane pink friend. Twilight was afraid that her only somewhat impressive magic would make her an outcast. But most of all the pony feared that she wouldn't live up to the expectations of Princess Celestia. Her fears alienated her from her friends and others.

"You are sweet…so sweet…so sweet…"

Applejack the self-proclaimed dependable Element of Honesty couldn't share the simple truth that she feared the possibility of herself failing at her promised work.

The deluded Pinkie Pie was afraid to loose her dim-witted friend to a brash griffon and feared that all of her friends suddenly stopped to like her and her worthless parties.

Rarity feared that her friends would not accept her designs and that she will ruin her career if she follows their selfish wishes. She was scared that her actions towards her cowardly pegasus friend would break their friendship.

The only seemingly confident Rainbow Dash was afraid of her approaching failure at the Best Young Flyers' Competition.

Fluttershy feared that the bird she futility tried to heal would perish anyway. The cowardly pony was afraid to loose the three suicidal foals she was supposed to watch over to the forest of darkness. And despite claiming to love all living beings the pegasus had an almost mortal fear of adult dragons. Not to mention Fluttershy's fear of her own shadow and being afraid of large groups despite being a herd creature.

A pathetic dragon was afraid about being replaced in the only role he ever knew. He also feared that after she was kidnapped by the Diamond Dogs he would never see his crush ever again, while he should be more worried about the fact that she would never return his feelings.

Three foals were afraid that they will never achieve their Cutie Marks and will remain the laughing stock of the other children and all of Ponyville.

The entire hypocritical population of the supposedly tolerant and open Ponyville feared the strange Zebra living in the Everfree Forest.

The citizens of Appaloosa and the group of buffalo were afraid of each other and ready to outcast or eradicate the other group.

Finally nearly the entire world drowned in fear as the spirit of Chaos returned to play his entertaining games with everypony. He really showed me very clearly how selfish and greedy these supposed heroes were.

At the same time I could sense his own fear. The Draconequus was good at hiding it but he feared the Elements of Harmony more than anything else in this world. Not only because they were his one weakness but also because he didn't understand them or their power.

"You are ALL so enjoyable… so enjoyable… so enjoyable!"

But the more I absorbed the harder it became to remember my old life. Memories that were clear as day began to fade and eventually disappeared completely. The childhood I once had with my traitorous sister and Discord was long gone. Soon I didn't even remember the names of the mortals I once adopted with Celestia. But ultimately these memories weren't that important. Nothing of any importance was lost.

Soon I felt stronger than ever before. I faintly remembered that this was the amount of power an Alicorn should wield before we foolishly sealed our powers for the sake of upholding a masquerade to the worthless mortals. It completely eluded me how I could ever care for them if all they ever did was harming me. I was such a foal before.

But I needed more, more power. I was losing myself so fast that I simply had to replace what was lost even faster. So many tasty minds were in this world but as long as their lives outside were mostly happy, there was not enough fear of them to devour here. Discord did well in drowning the world in despair but now they were starting to recover from it.

I needed more, much more. As long as I was merely in their dreams I would never be able to harvest more. They forgot most dreams soon after their awakening and there would be very few long-lasting effects. But the subconscious world isn't limited to dreams.

"It is time for a friendly visit. After all I still have to thank them for my liberation."

Better than anypony else I knew how weak the mind of Celestia's prized student really was. The Princess was so proud on her and seemed to care for the unicorn like the child she never had. After the exhausting struggle with her friends and the battle against Discord her mind was weak and offered little resistance as I entered it completely.

I will do this out of gratitude. While she was one of the ponies that banished me and took away so much from me, they have also given me a new clarity in turn. Her fear dominated her so much, so we will make a perfect match. She will help me spreading my gift around the world.

"You will see my point of view."

She needed almost no inducement. The prized student merely missed one of her unimportant deadlines with one of her many worthless friendship reports. But she was so fearful of a possible punishment by her teacher. The unicorn was still afraid of disappointing Celestia and didn't fully recover from what Discord had done to her.

"Now that is almost funny, deep down you fear Celestia."

My mere presence was enough to let the fear in her mind grow. The foolish unicorn lamented about the possibilities to her dragon companion.

„What if she makes me go back to Canterlot and puts me back in school and makes me prove I'm taking them seriously by giving me a test?! What if I don't pass?"

"But why wouldn't you pass…"

"She's my teacher. Do you know what teachers do to students who don't pass? They send them back a grade! But she won't just send me back a grade. She'll send me back to...magic kindergarten."

This was almost too easy. I just had to add a nice vision of everypony in magic kindergarten laughing at the panicky unicorn. Without even realizing it, the prized student recreated the vision with her own magic in reality. For being the Element of Magic she was lacking control over it. In turn Twilight practically froze up and quailed in fear.

It was wonderful. All this time, over a year I had done so little besides eroding the sanity of a few ponies. One of them lost the ability to speak and could only bark like a dog anymore. That was amusing but it would not aid me any further. Now I was finally feeling like I was in control again, like it should be.

Unfortunately the dragon interrupted this promising state and the purple unicorn decided to just find a friendship problem before sundown. But everywhere she went, I was with her. There was no escape.

For some strange reason Ponyville had the safest and most normal day in years and there was nothing for her to be learned about friendship. Predictably none of her weak friends could help her. I knew better than anypony else that whenever you really need someone, they will abandon you. Soon she had another breakdown on a park bench and looked at some fillies skipping. Now it was my turn to aid in her awakening.

Before her eye the background changed into a hellish realm, all trees died and the three foals became shadows laughing at the unicorn. Again her somewhat powerful magic recreated this relaxing image in the real world until the small annoying dragon interrupted it again. How could one unimportant mortal keep interrupting me? But at least the added visuals did cause her paranoia to grow worse.

In this state even her friends were unable to calm down the overanxious unicorn and eventually she fled back in her library.

"You are all alone now. Nopony was willing to help you with your task. They were too busy with themselves. If you want something done, you have to do it yourself."

"If I can't find a friendship problem...I'll make a friendship problem!"

I was satisfied with her progress. That was the main weakness of the Elements of Harmony, if just one would fall apart, they would all become worthless decorations. It was hard to believe that these objects were successfully used against Discord and me twice. But that was of little importance.

It all worked perfectly, I just had to add a bit of my own magic into the "want it, need it" spell and I had a VIP box to watch the entire town fall into hysteria. It was only a matter of time before somepony was injured. No mere unicorn was able to break the spell now.

"It burns my brain, so enjoyable, so enjoyable…"


Suddenly my traitorous sister returned to stab me in the back and cancelled the spell. Now it was my turn to feel fear. All of my existence was placed in this mortal shell, if Celestia had found me here, she would destroy me instantly. I hid in the deepest part of the unicorn's subconsciousness as both went back to the library.

At least I thought I could see the ruler punish the failure without mercy but she dared to console the purple unicorn instead! Thankfully my arrogant sister was too distracted to further check the mental state of her prized pupil and as other ponies were close enough to the library I took my chance to run away.

I found myself in a dream of a grey mailmare playing with some young unicorn in an endless forest. Both were without any significance. I just wanted to finally feel alive again but Celestia had to take even that. These miserable ponies are also to blame.

My body grew and reshaped itself into the one of a hydra and I ripped the entire forest around the unimportant mortals apart. I got closer and closer until the pony awoke screaming and I found myself in the next dream. Her fear made me feel better.

"What went wrong? Everything did fall into place until Celestia showed up. She steals the love of my subjects from me. They belong to me, every single one of them. They are all mine!"

Suddenly a realisation hit me.

What did I want from them? Did I really want their love or their fear? Did I want to break Twilight or turn her into a tool to spread fear? Did I want to punish the Elements or reward them? Why did the moon that was always loyal to me abandon me in favour for a fake Alicorn? Why is it suddenly so hard to think? Was there something wrong with me?

My head swam. I had to order my thoughts. I faintly remember my parent telling me something before abandoning me with Celestia and Discord. What did the voice say?

I remembered! It was "You shouldn't trust her. Trust is a weakness and just leaves you open for an attack. One day you will desperately need her help and she will do nothing for you."

I should allow this advice. I just have to rely on myself and everything will be alright. If I can't trust my own sister, there is no one in this world that I can trust.

"Still it was just the test run. Maybe I should try a weaker pony next. After all Nightmare Night will be the perfect opportunity of some entertaining mass hysteria and if the rumours are true, the imposter will be there as well. And I still have to repay her for my liberation."

I let out a constrained laughter before vanishing into the next dream.

Nightmare Night came soon and everything was well prepared. Over the time I had carefully manipulated the dreams of both adults and foals to spread the fear that Nightmare Moon would return to devour them all, just like it was told in the old lore. Their dread was so delicious.

This time I would not make the same mistake of concentrating on only one pony. Now I spread myself over all the little children present at the old statue of Nightmare Moon and as the fake Princess Luna arrived right on schedule with her Night Guards and relaxing looking chariot I just needed one panicky scream of the pink pony in the chicken costume to cause mass hysteria and let everypony ran back to town.

As the little foals arrived back in the town square I could spread my influence even further and covered nearly all ponies present. Another scream of the Element of Laughter let me easily cause another panic.

"You have to understand that neither the ponies nor your sister ever cared for you. You were always their victim. But you don't need them. Free yourself from those bounds. You don't need to feel anything for weak mortals; it only allows them to hurt you."

Soon the fake Alicorn walked out of the insignificant town, followed by Twilight Sparkle.

By now dozens of eyes were available to me to see their every move. Both went to the small house near the Everfree Forest where the Element of Kindness lived. It was time for my next move and I concentrated a large part of myself in the mind of the fragile pegasus. I could hear Twilight Sparkle and especially the fake Princess outside.

"Don't worry, Princess. Fluttershy can give you some great pointers. She's delicate and demure, with the sweetest little voice. "

Now I just had to create the vision of disguised foals laughing at the yellow pegasus and the effect was immediate.

"Fluttershy! Fluttershy! Fluttershy can hardly fly!"


Despite the impressive scream, the purple unicorn was able to forcefully introduce the terrified Fluttershy to the equally fearful fake ruler of the Night. The imposter seemed to remember the voice of the cowardly pegasus but didn't show it.

" must remember Princess Luna."


"She has taken control of your friend and now she will enslave you as well."

Predictable Fluttershy retreated back into her house, but against her will she was pulled back by Twilight's telekinesis. It showed clearly how little her friendship really meant to the other Element.



"But maybe she will just steal your voice."




The fake Alicorn was afraid of being rejected again, even from this worthless pony.


"Okay." Fluttershy was almost completely terrified with fear and her so called friend treated it like a minor inconvenience. I had to do so little to cause her breakdown.


"Perfect! Lesson over!"

The yellow pegasus immediately fled back into her house just as Twilight closed the door, causing the coward to smack painfully into it. After some more unimportant lessons by the purple unicorn the replacement finally managed to turn down her volume and she hugged the shy pony in return. How could the pony, that was once my target, dare to hinder my progress with another one?

But I could enjoy the next wave of fear as the group of foals returned and saw the scene. I just had to add a row of sharp teeth and red glowing eyes to their vision of this imposter. The rest happened all by itself.

Somehow the fake Alicorn still didn't give up her foolish aim of gaining acceptance and tried to play a harmless game of "throw the spider" with the townsponies. It all went well for her until she pulled a somewhat familiar earth pony foal out of the water and decided to bring the spider toys to life to make them crawl onto the target.

I had soon enough fear to work with to let the entire town fall into mass hysteria, children and adults alike. Like mindless pawns they crashed into each other and into their booths. I needed just a little more and they would trample their own foals to death. I was so close.


Somehow the replacement had realized the danger and stopped the panic the only way she knew: With fear. After that she cancelled Nightmare Night and I could feel her giving up. She had given up on obtaining anything but distrust from her subjects. Or she would have if the annoying purple unicorn didn't interfere again and dragged her away. But the familiar darkness gathering for a moment around the fake ruler did cheer me up again.

I lost contact with them. Even having this many eyes to work with didn't do much if the pathetic mortals were all busy recovering from their panic attack. But soon I managed to gather myself into the foals again and accompanied them to their final candy offering. The imposter had to be somewhere around here.

Suddenly Nightmare Moon stood before them to accept their candy offering.

How could somepony else dare to use this form and title? It was my greatest achievement when I still existed outside the collective subconsciousness! It belonged to me and me alone!

Even worse was that I felt my control over the weak pawns carrying me slipping. One of them walked up to the fake Nightmare Moon who turned out to be… the pathetic replacement?! How could she still resist the truth? How is that possible?

"Um... Princess Luna. I know there's not gonna be any more Nightmare Night, but do you suppose maybe you could come back next year and scare us again anyway?"

"Child. Art thou saying that thou... likest me to scare you?"

"It's really fun! Scary, but fun."


Finally I recognized the small foal. It was my first target: The little colt that dreamed of sailing the sea with his friends.

"It... is?"

"No, stop this nonsense. Why are you rejecting my gift?"

"Yeah! Nightmare Night is my favourite night of the year."

"Well then. We shall have to bring NIGHTMARE NIGHT BACK!!!

"Whoa! You're my favourite princess ever!"

"Why am I not reaching you?"

The darkness around the imposter vanished into nothing. How could a fake created by Celestia and the Elements be able to win the admiration of the mortals? How dared she to win their hearts? Both she and I were speechless but the purple unicorn said something instead.

"See? They really do like you, princess."

"Can it be true? OH, MOST WONDERFUL OF… I mean... Oh, most wonderful of nights."

As the connection to my hosts broke completely I found myself back into a random dream. I wasn't angry anymore, I didn't care anymore. A sudden calmness overcame me. I knew that many memories were gone and even the time when I ruled over Equestria with my backstabbing sister was almost gone. Nothing of any importance was lost.

I still knew enough to keep going, both Discord and the creator warned me about Celestia. I might not have much time left but I will use it to take her and her cursed Elements down. The fake moon could be seen in the sky of the dream above me.

"Dear backstabbing sister and thief who stole my life, today I learned a valuable lesson. I realized that you should always tie up loose ends and that if a seemingly unimportant pony survives, it will be a possible threat in the future. The time for games is over. I will start by sharing the wonderful gift of oblivion with one of the bearers. But who shall it be?"

Illusions of the six bearers appeared before me.

Rainbow Dash disguised as a shadowbolt pranking somepony, Twilight standing next to Princess Luna, Applejack hosting games for everypony, Rarity sleeping with a huge grin on her face, Pinkie Pie standing proudly next to an enormous pile of sweets and finally Fluttershy hiding under her bed.

It was clear what I had to do to make them all fall apart; I had found the weak link. My time had come.


The night was almost over. And Princess Luna felt like it was the most wonderful night she had ever experienced. For a brief moment she felt something familiar before the pleasant feeling vanished. But the Alicorn was too happy to care about that for the moment. When she returned on the chariot pulled by her personal bat-winged pegasi guards, nopony was waiting for her at the Canterlot castle.

After the landing her guards immediately started to fly away, sensing that their Princess had something to do. They took the nearly endless amount of sweets with them, storing them next to the creepy chariot. The Princess had also allowed them to take some treats for their own families.   

"Thank you for your good work." Luna said cheerful before they vanished.

As she walked into the castle the incarnation of the Night could see several servants running around, bringing buckets of water into Celestia's room, while carrying her belongings outside. Celestia herself carried most of her items with her telekinesis. Smoke did come out of the room. Luna wondered if her sister's new spell did backfire but she never tested spells in her personal room.

"Sister, what happened?"

"I hoped that we would be able to clean up the mess before you would return. Was anything destroyed?"

One of the many servants walked forward.

"I am afraid the hoof signed fourth autobiography of Prince Blueblood and several tabloids were completely destroyed, my majesty."

Somehow her sister managed a straight face and merely nodded.

"I need to talk with Princess Luna, so please take care of this matter until I return."

Soon both incarnations had reached Luna's room, which was still a mess.

As Luna took a closer look at her sister she noticed something she rarely saw on her: a big grin. She hadn't seen Celestia this happy since the night she was healed from her corruption.

The Sun Goddess just couldn't stop to smile and soon Luna joined as well. Both Alicorns put the heads together and stayed like this for several minutes. Slowly the sun was rising in the background as both combined their powers so that the incarnation of the Light could spend a few minutes alongside her sister. Eventually the Princess of the Night became serious again and spoke up.

"Tia, I am sorry. I should have listened to you."

""That's quite alright. So when did you notice?"

"Yes, it was so clear when I arrived and everypony was afraid, even some of the bearers of the Elements. And still I refused to change my methods. Twilight Sparkle practically had to drag me around the entire town."

"I thought I couldn't simply tell you all the things that had changed. I thought it might be too much. You were still struggling to get used to the new world. That was the reason you found the book about modern royal protocol next to your bed and your chariot vanished one night before Nightmare Night, while I offered you mine. I am sorry. I should have just told you."

"And I was so obsessed with making a good impression that I didn't even want one single detail of my plan to change and I tripped over the book and threw it under my bed without even looking at it…"

Suddenly both princesses looked at each other and broke into laughter.

"It truly was a wonderful night."

"Indeed, it took me some time to realize that it is a night of innocent scares, harmless pranks, and lots of candy. But why did you get so worked up back there?"

While talking the two Alicorns lifted the dozens of books littering the entire room with their telekinesis and sorted them next to the door.

"I was with you in Ponyville. I used a spell that allows me to split of a small part of me and to see places that are otherwise unreachable. When the villagers almost trampled each other dead I got a little … tense."

The incarnation of the Night remembered that spell very well. Her overuse of it did erode her sanity just as Discord had intended it to happen. She feared what might have happened if they hadn't placed the seal on their powers, causing the Draconequus to speed up his plans. Would he have waited until she was consumed by madness before attacking them? Would she have aided him in her madness? Who could have used the Elements with her sister in her place?

But after this night Luna was sure that the ponies could have done it. If the six could defeat Nightmare Moon and Discord, there was little doubt that even in the past there was somepony who could have taken her place.

She wondered what else her sister used this spell for, maybe to watch over her student in her more dangerous adventures without being noticed. After all the spell was impossible to track down. The incarnation of Darkness still suspected that Discord had used this very spell to spy on the two Alicorns and to learn about the seal on their powers.

The two sisters sat down next to each other and watched the sunrise together. Now Luna was more determined than ever to take some of the burden of Celestia's shoulders. After everything she had done for her, now it was her turn to be there for her sister as well. Eventually Luna spoke up.

"Tia, it is okay. I know you have a full schedule today. You are already late, you must go now."

"Thank you, Lulu. I will always be there for you if you need me. I need to tell you one thing first. I have been using this spell for some time now to regularly check on Discord's status and you will not believe what I saw there a few days ago. But we need to test something first. Please take my hoof."

Luna recognised the spell circling around the extended hoof. It was the magic to break the seal on their powers. They had tried it countless times but there was nothing they could do to overcome Discord's manipulation. Until he gave up his part of the seal, they would not be able to unseal their full power. And that would never happen.

Still she trusted her sister and so she took her hoof and started her part of the incantation. Runes started to appear on their hoofs, spreading over their bodies and to their cutie marks. The spell never went that far whenever they had tried it before. Suddenly the Princess of the Night could truly feel her connection to the moon, the stars, the night, the dreams and the collective subconsiousness.

Her connection to everything became so much closer. Luna could see from the look of her sister's face that she must be experiencing something similar. Both felt so complete, so one with everything.

The Princess of Darkness could also feel that there was something very wrong the dream of one of the bearers of the Elements.
This is the second part of a tribute to the anniversary of a series of fanfiction by :iconalexwarlorn: about the popular series “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic”.

Happy anniversary!

Luna and Celestia remember their past, their own encounter with Truth and the obstacles they had to overcome. But there is always a price to pay…

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Many thanks to :iconkendell2: for Beta Reading this story and giving me countless good suggestions and ideas for it. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. Thank you!

The title image is "Celestia and Luna Hugging (Luna Major Ver.)" by :icon90sigma:

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music suggestions:

Nightmare Phobia’s theme: “Pandemonium, The Castle Frozen in Time” from Final Fantasy 9 [link]

Alternate suggestion by BrightDark89: Nightmare Phobia’s theme: "The Nightmare" from Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance [link]

Celestia and Luna at peace: “Dream Melody” from Persona 4 [link]

MLP: FiM Copyright Hasbro.

This story also has its own page on TV Tropes. [link]
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BrightDark89 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Student General Artist
Here's another good idea for Nightmare Phobia's theme: [link]
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
Thank you!

That music is unnerving and makes you worry what might come next. I think it fits Nightmare Phobia very well and have added it as an alternate music.

If you find anything else, just let me know.
eric-emanwu Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
Well well well, it appears that celestia and luna are about to see the dangers of Nightmare Phobia, and witness the change that has been wrought in discord.
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
Yes Celestia knows about Discord and both begin to notice Nightmare Phobia's activities.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012

Trixie hugged herself and was her side in her royal bed, formally Princess Celestia's, now she had willingly and happily given it to Queen Trixie. The bandages around her front hooves itched. She had given her subjects strict instructions she wasn't to be disturbed until she came out. But she had misjudged how long it would take for her life to bleed out and the layer of magic protection her subjects had around her, and magically were alarmed something was wrong.

Instead of sweet nothingness he had found herself in the castle infirmary with the cuts bandaged. Twilight and her friends and the Princesses surrounding the bed with pure worry and loving concern etched on their faces.

'A terrible accident' they thought, 'Slipped like cutting her own mane' they gave a hundred other self-explainations.

There was no escape.

'Yes there is.' Said a voice. 'Release me Trixie, release me, and all ponies I swear will be too busy trying to survive my chaos to have time to take revenge on you for enslaving the heart and emotions of every pony alive in Equestria. You tried jumping off the Balcony only for Rainbow Dash to catch you and say it was too dangerous to bungie jump without a float spell.'


'Come now Trixie. This is everything you wanted. Everypony loves Trixie. No pony questions Trixie. Everypony lives for Trixie. I honestly don't get why over the last few years you've slowly seen being Queen of Equestria and the Princesses continuing to take care of the annoying details while you enjoy the power, as something awful. Something you don't want to spend forty more years waiting to die to escape.'


"YOUR MAJESTY!" Twilight Sparkle burst into the room. "Is everything fine?"

Trixie didn't respond. She just brawled like a baby into Twilight's forehooves. Twilight carefully hugged her, stroking her mane, whispering an old lullby until her queen was asleep again.
ardashir Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
Aww, poor Trixie... Trapped in a hell of her own making, and one that her fellow prisoners will drag her back into every time she tries to escape.

I get the idea that even if she TRIED to dispel it, her loyal subjects would try to re-cast the spell.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
0-0 Never thought about that.
ardashir Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013
That's assuming that the spell doesn't fade immediately when broken, but lingers for a while. Of course, another solution would be for Trixie to somehow find a way to transfer the effect to somepony or one else and let them experience the "joys" of rulership. But then she'd have to make sure she didn't get mind-whammied along with everyone else.

Heh, I can't help but to be reminded of an old Jewish fairy tale in which Asmodeus, the King of all Demons (think more the fey here than Christian demons or devils) seizes rulership of Israel from King Solomon. Solomon advises his distraught people as he leaves that "Asmodeus is your king now. He wants to rule you -- so treat him EXACTLY as you have treated me."

Solomon returns three years later to find the wretched Asmodeus going insane from putting up with all the squabbles and bureaucracy and petty nonsense that any leader has to deal with. The demon king all but hurls the crown at Solomon before fleeing. I can actually see Celestia doing that with one or another of the would-be usurpers she's had to deal with.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013
The wisdom of Solomon.
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012
Thank you for another view into the world, where Trixie forced everyone to love her and how horrible this ended or in this case not ended for her.

Without independent thought their love and admiration is meaningless to her. What is it worth if they have to give it to her, instead of wanting to give it to her? A single real friendship would be worth more than all of this. But she is even more afraid what might happen if she chancels the spell (if she can even do that at this point) and keeps trying to end her life.

And then she hears Discord who wants to take this chance to trick her into unsealing him. Somehow I do even think that she would want to listen to him, if just to hear somebody who doesn't love her unconditionally. Then of course being Discord, he would likely give her something she really didn't want if she would unseal him. Maybe he would make her immortal so she would never archive the nothingness she desires and everyone would hate her for unleashing Discord on this world.
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