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Nightmare Granfalloon: Tears of Laughter
A tribute to: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
Healing Pony POV Series by alexwarlorn

Rainbow Dash had just left in a hurry, leaving Fluttershy alone behind to watch over the still sleeping Pinkie Pie, or so she thought.

Fluttershy was unsure if and how she should tell them about Fluttercruel. The fluttering pony didn't want her to be exiled, imprisoned, or exiled and imprisoned, or worse. She just knew the others would react negatively to Fluttercruel, after everything Discord had done. But somehow it felt so right to have her by her side. The fluttering Pegasus had told her cruel half that she thought about introducing her to Pinkie Pie first but she had to admit she was afraid how she might react, especially after the long exhausting party marathon. Even if Pinkie was one of the most accepting ponies Fluttershy knew, she was still scared how she'd react.

And Fluttercruel did help her to get Pinkie Pie to sleep, even if her method of hitting her with a pie pan was a bit rough. After Rainbow Dash had told them that being mean to others is a sign of uncertainty she was uncharacteristically silent. Fluttershy briefly wondered if she had gone too far in her lessons. Her other half did look angry and hurt for a moment. And the fluttering Pegasus knew how sensitive Fluttercruel was about her name.


"What, do you have another lesson ready? How about teaching something to Miss Loyalty? Maybe how loyal it was of her to abandon you when you fell to your death beneath the clouds?"

Fluttershy ignored it, though she felt a bit hurt at the mention of the event from long ago. "Are you feeling better?"

"Yes, warden."

The voice of Fluttercruel dripped with irony, even her sometimes too literal minded other half noticed it. Fluttershy was just happy washing their mouth out had cleaned her potty mouth a bit.

"Well, it is good to hear that you are still as lively as ever."

Fluttershy wasn't lying. It truly felt good to teach her other side that life was more then just cruelty. It was almost like the lessons led the fluttering pony herself closer to a goal she didn't even know.

Fluttershy had viewed the whole ordeal as a nightmare at first, and she'd never heard Discord address Fluttercruel at all, least of all as his daughter. The fluttering pony wondered how someone could have a child and never pay them a passing glance. Sure, she didn't want to have a child, least of all with a big dumb meanie like Discord, but she had Fluttercruel, and one way or another, she did want to be a good mother for her.

The kind half put the photo album aside and looked for any signs of activity on Pinkie Pie's side. But she seemed so relaxed after nearly working herself to death, then being hit in the head by Fluttercruel to make sure she stayed asleep. Fluttershy was sure that she must have pleasant dreams.


Pinkie Pie's dreams weren't peaceful.

After breaking her soul to pieces more and more personas started to form. At first there was only Pinkamena, she existed purely to feel angry, sad, scared and hurt for Pinkie Pie when Pinkie couldn't bare it. Then Pinky, her unhappy foalhood memories, broke off her. Later when Pinkie Pie left the rock farm Diane, the love for her family, abandoned the main persona. And Pinkie just knew they each held some memory she didn't dare to remember, something she was knew would hurt to remember in its entirety.

It wasn't a healthy situation but thanks to the love and care of her foster parents and the friends she found in Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity Belle, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash it was stable. Pinkamena continued to be forced to take over whenever an unpleasant situation arose and Pinkie Pie took over when it was safe again. The other two personas were either trapped in a peaceful, dreamless sleep or awoke to spend some time with Pinkamena.

And thus it would have continued for her entire life if Discord hadn't happened. He had blocked off Pinkamena and forced Pinkie Pie to encounter the illusion that all her friends were laughing at her and not with her. That she was just a joke to them.

The partying pony had literally no experience with something so horrifying, so painful, and failed miserably. She was corrupted into a laughter-hating angry parody of herself.

Even after Discord was defeated, the anger remained. Eventually it broke off Pinkie Pie and formed its own persona: Angry Pie. This persona wanted to consume everything and become the one dominant personality. At first she absorbed her imaginary friends Mr. Turnip, Madame LaFlour, Sir Lints-a-lot and Rocky to become more powerful. Her next targets were Pinky and Diane.

The battle with her was in the critical phase.

Pinky's face and her front hooves were showing from Angry Pie's gray belly. Diane's back hooves were now embedded in Angry Pie as Diane futilely tried to pull the poor filly free.

Pinkamena pleaded to Pinkie Pie to rejoin with her and to stop her all devouring anger. Pinkie Pie hesitated. Pinky was already gone. Diane looked sadly at the struggling pony, doing nothing.

"Please don't forget our family!"

She hesitated too long. Both Pinky and Diane were gone, absorbed by the madly grinning Angry Pie.

Pinkie Pie could only stare, nearly unable to comprehend what she had lost as Pinkamena broke down crying. The serious persona had lost almost everyone she ever knew: Mr. Turnip, Madame LaFlour, Sir Lints-a-lot, Rocky, Pinky and finally Diane.

Angry Pie wasn't sure which one she should devour next. Her new power should make her more than a match for both of them. Pinkamena was the obvious choice; she was weaker than Pinkie Pie. Otherwise the partying persona couldn't have pushed her around like a ragdoll.

Pinkie Pie looked down...then suddenly started to giggle.


It wasn't fair. It didn't make sense. The partying persona still tried to process what she just witnessed.

First Pinkamena told her that she wanted to rejoin with her and sing alongside her. Then she created a monster, which started to devour her mind, all by herself. Finally she had to learn that she had cut off her foalhood memories and her love for her parents.

How could she even do this? This wasn't joyful, this wasn't cheerful, and she wasn't supposed to be like this! She was supposed to be happy! ONLY HAPPY!

Now the two personas were gone, the memories they held beginning to fade from her mind. Soon she will be all alone.

Images of rocks shaped like her other personas, family and friends appeared before her.

They were all going to leave her: Her sisters, her father, her mother, Pinky, Diane, Pinkamena, Angry Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Twilight.

She could remember that one of her sisters was named Octavia but to her shock the name of her other sister was completely gone. They had spend years together and just like that the memory of all this time vanished.

Her other personalities weren't happy with their role inside her mind, Fluttershy wasn't happy because she couldn't help everypony, Rarity wasn't happy because she almost lost the one being most important to her by her own hoofs, Applejack wasn't happy because she saw how different her life could have been, Rainbow Dash wasn't happy because her guilt was tearing her apart and Twilight still suffered from having to be strong and sane for everyone. None of them was happy. No matter how long her party went, it didn't get better. No one got any happier.

One by one the statues broke apart. She couldn't help them. Just like before. There was nothing left for her.

"No, there will be something that will always be by my side."

The single blue jewel shaped like a balloon floated before her. Black energy circles around it. The partying persona was sure this darkness must be unhappiness she felt.

"But these doubts will soon all vanish."

The black magic surrounding the Element of Laughter intensified and then it entered the jewel. Cracks began to form on it as the symbol of her Element began to reshape itself, becoming a sharp and twisted version of the former item. It started to grow and for one short moment the happy personality thought she saw her own reflection inside starting to change.

"If they are not happy, I WILL make them happy. It is my duty, my very being to spread joy and happiness to everypony. Nothing will stand in my way. Not even myself."


"It looks like the Alicorn that couldn't face reality is falling apart."

Angry Pie rushed over to the seemingly helpless and babbling prey. She didn't care about the statues that appeared and vanished. She didn't care about the strange jewels floating before her prey. She didn't notice that the colors of Sugarcube Corner and every building around Pinkie Pie melted into one ugly mess. She didn't even notice the black tendrils snaking their way around the partying persona. The angry persona was absolutely sure that she would never have to be the Steed anymore. Nothing else mattered.

She would use her newfound power to just absorb her, like she devoured Pinky and Diane. No fancy attacks should be necessary to overwhelm Pinkie Pie in this state.

The partying Pony tossed her aside with one hoof without even looking. Angry Pie flew right through the glass wall and crashed hard into another building of the abandoned rock farm. For the first time since she was born, the angry personality felt pain. The constant giggling could be heard at this part of the mind as well. It was like it came from every part of her fractured psyche.

Angry Pie couldn't understand where this sudden burst of power came from. Nothing had changed, maybe she'd underestimated her in the first place...

Then something rammed into her sending her flying into the dirt outside. It was Pinkamena and right now she looked like she was the real representation of anger.

"Give them back!"

The angry persona quickly regained her concentration and she continued her battle with Pinkamena. Both reared up and kicked each other with their fore hooves. The first one to knock the other down would have the chance for the killing blow.

"No need to feel so lonely, you will soon meet all your friends."

"I will rip you apart until I find them!"

Pinkamena was careless and took one hit on her shoulder. As she fell down, Angry Pie reared up to finish what she had started. But the constant giggling made it hard to concentrate.

Near the still chuckling Pinkie Pie the buildings started to melt.

The serious persona felt a sudden rush of adrenaline and used it to run into the last standing building of the rock farm. As she closed the door behind her, Angry Pie was already waiting outside.

"And you still haven't realized that there is nowhere to run from me in my own mind?"

The angry persona recognized the building. Her parents had never allowed her to play inside. This had always made Pinkie Pie angry, but she just suppressed it. Now it would be different.

Angry Pie ripped the door apart and rushed inside.

Everything was dark. Then one light appeared before her. She could see Pinkamena with a grim look and a single match. The room was filled with the explosives her family used to crack open larger rocks.

The following explosion was loud enough to drone out the constant cackle echoing through her mind. The glass wall separating the mind started to melt away and collapsed into itself.

Angry Pie found herself back into the dirt. Her entire body was hurting; it was covered in dust and scars. She felt the taste of blood in her mouth and vaguely remembered that one of her family members once told her that this can be fatal in short order.

She was still alive, but felt no trace of Pinkamena.

Only now Angry Pie realized that the giggling had become a roaring laughter.

Suddenly she felt something picking her up and dragging her somewhere. As her vision slowly returned she saw the remains of Sugarcube Corner. It didn't even resemble the old building. It was a melted mess, pulsating in regular intervals, almost like it was a twisted organ. Somehow the shape was similar to a tent.

"What… What is THIS?"

Long circus banners grew from the abomination and dragged her closer and closer to it. It was hard to comprehend that something as bright and innocent looking as these banners could grow out of this thing. The laughter seemed to come from every direction at once.

Then she saw Pinkie Pie floating above the hideous construction.

The partying pony had a huge grin on her face. She was wearing rather poorly applied clown makeup and a garish party dress. Somehow she had wings and a horn; both looked like she had drawn them with crayon but against every rule of logic she flew with them. Pinkie Pie had grown two times her size, her proportions had changed as well, becoming more like Celestia and Luna. A wide, creepy smirk spread from ear to ear on her face, as if permanently adorned to the creature.

"Bad foalhood memories are dead-dead-dead! Annoying memories of parents are dead-dead-dead! Pinkamena is gone. Once you are all gone I will be free to spread happiness to everypony. They will all be happy, like they are supposed to be. Now it is your turn to say bye-bye-bye!"

Pinkie Pie's voice had become shrill and high-pitched. For moments Angry Pie could only stare at the monster she had created, for the first time in her existence feeling true fear. Then the nightmare began to sing.

Listen to Nightmare Granfalloon for awhile
Cause I am here to say
I'm gonna
make the world smile
And joy will be here to stay.

Everyone will be so happy.
They'll be that way no matter what
That's how the world should be don't you see?
They'll be happy rather they want to be or not!

I'm going to
make them smile, smile, smile!
I'll stuff their hearts full of sunshine!
They're all going to smile, smile, smile!
No matter how much they want to whine!

Like a flesh eating plant, the abomination that was once Sugarcube Corner dragged the angry persona to its top and she felt herself sinking down into the mass. Angry Pie resisted, desperately trying to climb out of the slimy structure. But she knew that her strength would not last forever. The Nightmare landed next to her like and stood on the former Sugarcube Corner like it was a perfectly normal ground. Without warning she raised one hoof and started to push Angry Pie down into the mess.

But anger is in my way now.
In my world anger has no place.
So now I'll make this vow
Anger will disappear without a trace!

So say goodbye to anger and sorrow!
Bad feelings can say so long!
When the sun comes up tomorrow
Everypony will be singing Granfalloon's song!

Everypony will have to smile, smile, smile!
Once they hear the sound of my voice, voice, voice!
Everypony will have to smile, smile, smile!
They'll have to, they won't have a choice, choice, choice!"

The abomination Angry Pie was trapped in grew higher and higher, now resembling a pillar of pulsating flesh.

Around the structure the other buildings were in even worse shape and had melted into nothing but black slime. Then the ground began to crack around this goo and everything started to sink deeper and deeper. The entire mind began to fall apart as Nightmare Granfalloon was still busy drowning Angry Pie.

"I need to come up with a fitting subtitle. What do you think about 'the eternal laughter' or 'the most infectious laughter'? I have to admit it is a work in progress."

The mind looked like a giant grey sinkhole, with only the a few floating platforms and the giant twisted pillar, that was once Sugarcube Corner, left over the gigantic abyss below them. A gigantic pink circus tent appeared over the fleshy pillar, covering this entire madness as circus music began to play.

"Stop this at once, Pinkie!"

The attention of the Nightmare turned to the darker shaded Earth Pony with a straight mane and tail, clinging to one of the remaining platforms.

"Pinkamena! So glad-glad-glad, that you are still here. I will make you smile-smile-smile. Your wish will come true. Now it is time for you to sleep FOREVER!"

The circus music became fast-paced as the Nightmare flew up into the air and started to circle the pillar. Then she concentrated her power in her new horn and hit the platform with a blast of pink-colored magic. As it began to fall apart and sink into the abyss below, the serious side of herself jumped over to the next structure.

"I will not disappear until we have finished our talk!"

Then she started to rush into Nightmare Granfalloon's direction, jumping from platform to platform. Always one step ahead of the insane pony trying to let her fall. The laughter continued to echo around her, even when the Nightmare realised her opponent got closer and closer.

"Oh that's silly! Just plain silly! Silly-silly it's so silly!"

This time the insane pony started to blast the platforms around herself apart. There was no way left to reach her, floating around the transformed Sugarcube Corner.

Pinkamena stopped at the floating structure closest to Nightmare Granfalloon. It resembled Twilight's library. The insane pony was around 20 metres ahead.

"Pinkie you can still stop this madness! What will your friends think?"

"They will love the new me-me-me! I will make everypony smile-smile-smile. That is what the doctor had ordered after Mr. Discord made them unhappy-happy-happy. I'll make sure to draw a big-big-big smile on his statue too!"

"I will not allow yourself to hurt you any further!"

The serious pony took all the run-up she could get and jumped the impossible distance. She got far but eventually she started to fall. A familiar voice echoed through the mind.

"I will not allow you to forget our family! None of it!"

With a sudden burst of bright light Pinkamena began to change and white pegasus wings grew from her back. While their color clashed with the rest of her body, she gladly accepted them and flew up to the Nightmare.

Nightmare Granfalloon kept smiling as more and more of the last pieces of her mind began to fall into the abyss. But now her serious side hovered before her.

"You look so silly! Just like I did once, but nopony believed me when I told them."

Suddenly Pinkamena looked at the Nightmare like she had grown a second head. Then the lower lip of the serious pony quivered. She knew that under all this darkness there was still the same partying pony she grew up with. Something left to save.

Both rushed at each other head first. Nightmare Granfalloon began to charge up another blast of magic, but Pinkamena was faster and gave her the strongest head-butt she could muster. The impact was strong enough to break the horn of the insane pony.

Color started to bleed out of the stump and began to reshape itself into a horn. Pinkamena knew she had to act fast. She rammed into the Nightmare's side, knocking her off balance. As Nightmare Granfalloon tried to regain her balance the serious pony landed another hit. She put her entire strength into it and it sent the Nightmare crashing into the twisted pillar.

Dust and smoke covered everything. The laughter stopped suddenly. But the circus music could still be heard.

Carefully Pinkamena flew closer to talk with her other side. But she wasn't careful enough as the same banners, that trapped Angry Pie, suddenly charged at her out of the smoke and wrapped themselves around her new wings.

The laughter restarted to echo around her, now it just sounded mocking.

As the dust began to vanish, she could see Nightmare Granfalloon standing next to the still struggling Angry Pie. The pillar pulled her closer and closer.

As always the Nightmare grinned at her.

"Do you know a good final punchline-line-line?"

She was pulled closer and closer and saw the fear in Angry Pie's face. The Nightmare was standing just before her. Pinkamena didn't blink and stared at the lost persona.

"Do you think StarSong would be proud?"

Suppressed memories broke free and images floated around them: StarSong desperately fighting against the Draconequus Anarchy, the Pegasus screaming and leaping at his face, causing him to accidentally erase her instead of Pinkie Pie and finally StarSong vanishing before she could sing her final song. They continued to circle the Nightmare.

"Starsong gave her life for yours, would she be proud of what you're planning to do with it?"

More and more images of two long forgotten lives began to appear.

The friends that suffered under Discord when the pink pony was a white Pegasus known as Surprise: Galaxy, Wind Whistler, Spike, Star-Reacher, Mimic, Applejack, Firefly, Posey, Shady, Celestia and Luna.

The friends that perished when the world was ended by the Draconequi and the Alicorns: Rainbow Dash, Cheerilee, Princess Rarity, Scootaloo, Wysteria, Sweetie-Belle, Kenbroath Gillspotten Heathspike "Spike" The Fourth, Sky Wishes, Thistle Whistle, Toola-Roola, Star Catcher and StarSong.

They all locked at the incomplete Nightmare. Everyone seemed so sad.

Nightmare Granfalloon suddenly stopped smiling. The banners began to wrap themselves closer and closer around her until Pinkamena fainted.

Everything became darkness.


She could still hear something.

It wasn't laughter. It sounded like someone was crying.

Slowly she could see her surroundings.

Pinkamena was on the top of the pillar. Instead of the flesh-like structure it was before, it had turned back into stone. The pink circus tent was gone. Angry Pie was still alive but completely spent from her fight against drowning in this mess. Her lower half was still struck in the remains of Sugarcube Corner. Both the laughter and the circus music had stopped and the serious pony could see pieces of the banners, that almost choked her to death, laying on the ground. Something very powerful must have ripped them apart.

The base of the tower broke off and fell deep into the giant grey sinkhole that was still her mind. But something kept the upper half from falling into the abyss: The memories that still continued to circle around it. A voice interrupted her.

"I am sorry StarSong. I am sorry Diane. I am sorry Minty. I am sorry Pinky…"

Then she saw the Nightmare. She did weep bitterly. Her clown make up had almost completely melted away and the garish party dress was in pieces. The wings and the horn had melted off leaving only a bit of crayon behind. But Nightmare Granfalloon was still two times her size.

Pinkamena looked at the broken persona, rushed over to her and hugged her. In turn the being froze in place.

"So you finally remember. And I was worried I had lost you as well."

"How can you… Why do you still…"

Pinkie Pie returned to her regular size and nearly fainted from exhaustion. The struggling pony leaned against her serious personality.

"I am so sorry, Pinkamena. I should have listened to you. Both Pinky and Diane could still be alive. I… I don't deserve to be the main persona anymore… You could take this role and whenever you need to make a joke I will be there for you…"

For a second Pinkamena considered accepting this offer. For years this was everything she could ever dream of. She would be the Alicorn instead of the Steed. But she always wished that Pinky and Diane would be by her side.

"Pinkie Pie without laughter being the main part? Now you must be joking!"

And for second time in her entire existence, Pinkamena laughed. Two seconds later she was serious again.

"It may not be too late to save Pinky and Diane. I can still remember all the events on the rock farm that made me to feel angry, sad, scared and hurt."

"And I can remember whenever I was happy there. It's getting foggy, but I can."

Both ponies tried to focus their thoughts.

Pinkie Pie remembered the times when she played with her two sisters. The partying pony recalled the hours when she awaited the arrival of Granny Pie and the precious time she had spend with her. She reminded herself that her family genuinely enjoyed the first party she ever had after she saw the sonic rainboom.

Pinkamena remembered the moment Octavia came to her aid when she fell into the river. She reminded herself when she thought she was all alone at her fifth birthday, only for her entire family including Granny Pie finishing work sooner so they could spend some time with her. The serious persona recalled the moment when she was absolutely horrified what might have lurked in the darkness but Granny Pie taught her to confront her fears in song.

Bright energy started to flow from both and joined together before them. Two familiar shapes began to form but then the energy fell apart.

It was not enough.


Pinkamena jumped over to Angry Pie, grabbed her head and stared at her.

"You are responsible for this entire mess and you will try to remember the times we were angry back then!"

"Why should I do that?"

"You can hardly move and there is a very deep abyss nearby. You do the math."

"Nice try. You even healed this monster; you don't have it in you."

Before Pinkamena could think of everything else to say, Angry Pie heard Pinkie Pie giggling behind her. Shocked Pinkamena stared at the happy persona, only to find her smiling a normal pleasant smile. She stopped Angry Pie from seeing this however.

Angry Pie desperately tried to remember everything she knew of the rock farm. She remembered how her parents had forbidden her to play near the house with the explosives. Angry Pie hated to admit it but now she knew from personal experience that they were right. The angry personality recalled when Octavia told her not to play this close to the river, only to jump after her without hesitation when she fell inside. Finally she reminded herself at the anger she felt when she left the rock farm. But she wasn't angry at her family, she was angry at herself for leaving without saying goodbye.

Bright energy started to leave her and joined with the other two shapes. The forms became clearer and clearer until the restored Pinky and Diane stood before them. Pinkamena cried for joy.

"Pinkie Pie, you are a genius!"

"A genius? Maybe I could go as one at the next Nightmare Night."

Diane's first reaction was to hug Pinky.

"You didn't forget…"

Then Pinky looked at Pinkie Pie with her big eyes.

"Will we all be together?"

Pinkie Pie looked back at her, at Diane and at Pinkamena. They all still wanted to be with her. After everything she had done.

"Yes, I won't fail you anymore."

The four of them moved next to Angry Pie. Normally the angry persona would have fought until the very end against this idea but now she was just tired and the thought of becoming a full part of Pinkie Pie was much more pleasant than drowning in whatever Nightmare Granfalloon tried to drown her into.

"Is everyone ready?"

All five personalities nodded.

"Let's thank Angy for her help… okay, here we go! The Grand Pinkamina 'Pinkie' Diane Pie Unification!"

Uplifting music began to play and confetti fell from the heavens as all five came into contact with each other. Bright light covered the entire world and the abyss imploded into itself. Grass started to cover everything and houses popped into existence: The library, Sugarcube Corner, the Carousel Boutique, Town Square, the Sweet Apple Acres farm and finally the rock farm. It wasn't abandoned anymore.

As the memories surged back in, Pinkie didn't fight them, no matter how sad they may be...But at the end, after watching Minty die right in front of her...she saw herself take what was left of Minty's light and put it in one of the hurt shadows...And recognized who it became.


Pinkie Pie opened her eyes, had the strange urge to watch out for pie pans, and slowly sat up in bed.

Fluttershy was standing next to her bed but something about her body language was different, that and she held a stool in her hoofs and seemed ready to hit her over the head with it. Then Pinkie Pie noticed that her bed had broken apart and several pieces of a horribly familiar dress were laying on the ground. There was a hole through the headboard as well, looking like a unicorn's horn had gone through it.

"I get it! This was one of those dream sequences where everything that happens to you inside the dream appears outside. But I kinda wished I got to keep the dress I was wearing in one piece. It would have been a great Nightmare Night costume."

The fluttering pony blinked and now her stance was gentle and kind.

"Pinkie Pie! It is you!"

The fluttering Pegasus hug-tackled Pinkie Pie within seconds.


"Yes Pinkie Pie?"

"I . . . I want to say I'm sorry for making you all worry about me. That isn't what friends are supposed to do. They're supposed to be there for each other, like you were for me or Pinkamena was there for me when I needed her the most."

Pinkie Pie looked at her friend. After everything she had seen with the partying pony briefly shifting into her Nightmare form, she deserved an explanation.

So Pinkie Pie told her everything. About the talk with Pinkamena, the battle against Angry Pie, her own corruption into Nightmare Granfalloon and how her serious side was able to cure her. The entire time Fluttershy listened to her intensely. She didn't brush it off as just Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie.

The fluttering pony in turn started to think about her own later activities. She wondered if she was too pushy with Fluttercruel. There was no doubt that her other half needed her help but maybe it was also the other way around. Without Fluttercruel's help they would have never caught Rainbow Dash. Without the rather unorthodox use of a pie pan, Pinkie Pie could still continue her party.

Then Fluttershy decided to trust her friend.

"Pinkie… may I talk to you about a child I am taking care off?"

"Sure, I am listening."

The pink pony calmly sat on the remains of her bed and awaited her story.

"Her name is Fluttercruel and I met her after one of your parties."
This is a tribute to a series of fanfiction by :iconalexwarlorn: about the popular series “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic”.

It takes place in one of the countless alternate worlds of Equestria. Here Pinkie Pie’s battle in the center of her mind does take a different turn and threatens to corrupt all of Equestria. Is there anyone that can stop her?

Critique is welcome and still needed. Please comment.

Many thanks to :iconkendell2: for Beta Reading this story, giving me some good suggestions and writing the song for Nightmare Granfalloon.

Music suggestions:

The dance of Nightmare Granfalloon: “Creepy Castle (Ballroom)” from Donkey Kong 64
(listening to this music for more than 5 minutes might drive you insane)

The fight against the Nightmare: “Mr. Patch (Strange Wobbly Inflatable Thing)” from Banjo-Tooie

A friendship not forgotten: A remix of “Riverside View” from Touhou: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

MLP: FiM Copyright Hasbro.

A special thanks goes to the tropers who have given this story a place in the Pony POV Series' TV Tropes Page.


You can find it in the characters page.
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What kind of ending would you have preferred?
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I also like the way they brought back Diane and Pinky, that was great!

Overall, great job!
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012
Thank you for the comment. Also thank you for your beta reading and especially the song, that one did really improve the story.

To me it seemed like Pinkamena was more powerful than Angry Pie, even after the later one had absorbed the imaginary friends. I thought that was the reason she went after Pinky and Diane before continuing her fight. And it makes sense that Angry Pie acts a lot more strategic in this battle than the version in the dark future as the other parts are still around and balance her out somewhat. But after she did absorb the two, things begin to change and she is more powerful than Pinkamena in a direct battle. That is the reason the serious pony has to resort to desperate measures.

Nightmare Granfalloon is also incomplete as long as the other parts still exist but this allows her to fight strategically by creating an impossible distance before Pinkamena and faking her own defeat to lure the serious pony into a fake sense of security. Just like Angry Pie she is actually more dangerous while she still has at least some sanity left. But thanks to her connection to their past lives (which also allows her to use Surprise’s wings) Pinkamena is able to defeat her. In the end it is one question (repeated once) that is able to overcome the darkness.

Ultimately neither her childhood memories nor her love for her parents could die that easily. Every one of the three remaining personalities still had a connection to their life at the rock farm: The times they are happy, sad or angry back than. And after some pressure they are able to bring back what they have almost lost.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012
Yeah, I can understand that. It's also why fusing Pinkamena and Pinkie together yielded a being capable of beating Angry Pie in the original timeline.

Yeah, I can agree with that. Sanity has advantages.

Yeah, I did like that part a lot. It reminded me of a few things actually.
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012
And thinking about it Surprise wasn’t merely more powerful than Angry Pie, the representation of anger had absolutely no chance against this fusion. And this makes sense since both Pinkie and Pinkamena separately seemed slightly more powerful than her. That was the reason Angry Pie had to absorb Pinky and Diane first.

Ironically if Angry Pie or Nightmare Granfalloon would have won and became the only personality they would have lost their sanity. And this lack of sanity was likely one of the reasons that the Nightmare was defeated by a single pegasus in the alternate world we saw in Truth.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012
Exactly. And Angry Pie probably would've gone Nightmare as well.
ardashir Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2012
Wow, but this is one creepy line right here!

Pinky's face and her front hooves were showing from Angry Pie's gray belly. Diane's back hooves were now embedded in Angry Pie as Diane futilely tried to pull the poor filly free.

I can just see Pinky, outlined in that gray coat like an impression in soft clay... *shudder*

And I so love Nightmare Granfalloon's song! It's just like something that the Joker or Harley Quinn would sing.

This is a great story, thanks for sharing it.
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2012
Thank you.

But the scene with Diane and Pinky happened it the original battle in Pinkie’s mind as well. The only difference was that both were saved from the absorption at the very last moment. That didn’t happen here. Then it became even worse.

The credit for the song goes to Kendell2 but I am responsible for the way it was placed into the story, right at the moment when Nightmare Granfalloon tries very actively to drown Angry Pie.
ardashir Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2012
I do remember about the original fight, but thanks for reminding me about the details. And at least here poor Pinkie manages to save herself again rather than become a monster.
r1ck3t Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. . .
N-i-g-h-t-m-a-r-e D-i-a-m-a-n-t. . .
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2012
It could be her. It certainly sounds like something she would say. But then again sometimes the truth is even worse.

What could be a fitting name for a Nightmare version of Diamond Tiara? Nightmare Adamant? Nightmare Rupture?
KarrinBlue Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012
Wow, great AU here! Well, only a little AU-ish, but it's still great!
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012
Thank you.

I tried to let it stay true to the source material. But in the end the normal flow of events outside Pinkie’s mind begins to change when Fluttershy reveals Fluttercruel’s existence because of what she saw.
KyonSylar Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012
I loved this, it was awesome, congratulations :3

I liked the transformation to Grandfallon, and also the transformation of the element, that looked like what i tried to do when i did the "birth of nightmare whisper" x3

The ony thing that i could say against it, its the sudden mention of Octavia in the memories. There are many bronies that consider Octavia the sister of Pinkie, i do think they are two different ponies, but thats something everyone had to think by themselves. The thing here is that, i think that you should mention if Octavia is her sister in the paragraph when you mention the statues of everypony that Pinkie cares. Its just my opinion, though.

Also, there are two times -i think- that you say rooks instead of rocks.

But this chapther was really amazing, i had a delightfull time reading it :3
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012
Thank you. I am glad you liked it. And the "Birth of Nightmare Whisper" is just incredible, especially the "I will make it fair!" part.

And thanks for pointing out the mistakes with the rocks. That will be corrected. Octavia was Pinkie Pie's sister in the Pony POV story, so I had to use that. And I think the idea of Octavia being her sister will always be around until her sisters appear as separate characters in the show. To be honest I like the idea since she is almost Pinkie's total opposite but both share a connection to music. I will think about mentioning Octavia in the statue scene.
KyonSylar Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012
Well, everyone had different interpretation of the series -i think Derpy is Rainbow cousin or something, just look at them!-

And its official "canon" in the POVuniverse that Octavia is Pinkie sister?
I'll maybe need to edit my own fic then XD
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012
Who knows what kind of family Rainbow Dash has? Maybe Derpy is part of it. This is one of the things I really liked about the series, it is open enough to allow everyone to draw different conclusions from it.

I think that Octavia is suposed to be her sister in the Pony POV Universe.

In the Links story Pinkie greets her illusionary sisters in her own dream with "Octavia? Photo?" and in the final Pearl Necklace story Octavia is helping Pinkie with some music.
KyonSylar Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012
I think i need to read it all again, or maybe get more memory for my brain x3
Thank you for the acclaration :3
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012
Seriously. Great story.
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012
Thank you. It is great to hear this from you.

I am looking forward to the next story of the Pony POV tales, but take your time.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012

Wait no longer.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012
Fluttershy wasn't happy because she couldn't help everypony, Rarity wasn't happy because she almost lost the one being most important to her by her own hoofs, Applejack wasn't happy because she saw how different her life could have been, Rainbow Dash wasn't happy because her guilt was tearing her apart and Twilight still suffered from having to be strong and sane for everyone.

Character knowledge and continuity.

Technically I think I failed to mention Sugarcube corner appears in Pinkie's mind scape, though it makes 100% sense it would.

I forget if that's how I described Nightmare Granfalloon. But interesting.

Pinkie Pie here, since she wasn't hit by the elements, nor achieved ultimate enlightenment, didn't become an Alicorn.

This is all very interesting, since it does give a VERY realistic view of how could have been going on in Pinkie's mind world when the The Ring Master of the Endless Circus was born.

I do find it a bit odd at Pinkamena curing her, since Nightmares are by definition insane, and the insane are not known for listening to reason.

Nor did Pinkamena SAY how the Nightmare's scheme was a bad one wanting to eliminate all negative emotions. (similar but not the same Princess Gaia who wanted to remove all sources of suffering and take all existing suffering into herself to appease karma and fate.)

????????? ???????, "Remember, karma and fate always seek tithes."

Interesting choices of music for the mad pony.

All in all, fully in character, and fully intense, and fully entrancing look at another of your 'happy endings.'

????????? ???????, "Yes, make Fate submit to your will, make her bleed and scream, like that worthless monster Discord did, show her for the pathetic selfish monster she is, and snuff her out of existence! With enough power and determination, anyone can make the world as it SHOULD be."
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012
“I forget if that's how I described Nightmare Granfalloon. But interesting.”

We took some liberties about things that weren’t described. The ideas about the proportions and the poorly applied clown makeup came from Kendell2 and the crayon drawn wings and horn were my idea after seeing that Pinkie likes to think in crayon drawings in her own episode.

“This is all very interesting, since it does give a VERY realistic view of how could have been going on in Pinkie's mind world when the The Ring Master of the Endless Circus was born.”

What I always found interesting was how much of her personality was still there when Fluttershy became Nightmare Whisper. But the others like Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash were almost unrecognisable. It was like they did destroy any part of themselves that didn’t fit their new identity. After rereading Pinkie Pie’s Reharmonized chapter I began to think about how she could have become Nightmare Granfalloon. This story is the result. In the end the emptiness would have devoured all of her mind until only the twisted Nightmare would be left to fly around it and laughing about it for all eternity.

“Nor did Pinkamena SAY how the Nightmare's scheme was a bad one wanting to eliminate all negative emotions. (similar but not the same Princess Gaia who wanted to remove all sources of suffering and take all existing suffering into herself to appease karma and fate.)”

Good point. I should try to add a short scene about this into it. Maybe she could also mention what her (sarcastic) thoughts on the Nightmare’s possible subtitle are.

I also think that the possible worlds, both Nightmares could have created, would be completely different. A world without suffering would be a world, where Pinkie Pie wouldn’t have to grief over the loss of her grandmother, because the grandmother wouldn’t die. In Princess Gaia’s world both would live forever as foals. A world without negative emotions would be a world, where Pinkie Pie wouldn’t be able to grief over the loss of her grandmother, because she would be constantly happy, not matter what happens.
Saphroneth Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012
So, using analogy, this is where Pinkie underwent the same level of transformation that Dash did - physically changing, but not to the point that the Alicorn concept is firmly rooted.
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012
“Fluttershy wasn't happy because she couldn't help everypony, Rarity wasn't happy because she almost lost the one being most important to her by her own hoofs, Applejack wasn't happy because she saw how different her life could have been, Rainbow Dash wasn't happy because her guilt was tearing her apart and Twilight still suffered from having to be strong and sane for everyone.

Character knowledge and continuity.”

Thank you.

“Pinkie Pie here, since she wasn't hit by the elements, nor achieved ultimate enlightenment, didn't become an Alicorn.”

It is also slightly similar to Rainbow Dash who was calmed down by her friends before she could finish her transformation into Nightmare Manacle.

“I do find it a bit odd at Pinkamena curing her, since Nightmares are by definition insane, and the insane are not known for listening to reason.”

The transformation wasn’t complete. As long as Pinkmena and Angry Pie (her own negative emotions) were around, the complete Nightmare Granfalloon couldn’t awaken. But in the end this world almost became exactly like the one we saw in Truth.

“Interesting choices of music for the mad pony.”

The first one nicely fits the eternal laughter in the background and the second one basically is her own boss theme when the circus music becomes faster.

“All in all, fully in character, and fully intense, and fully entrancing look at another of your 'happy endings.'”

Many thanks!

“????????? ???????, ‘Yes, make Fate submit to your will, make her bleed and scream, like that worthless monster Discord did, show her for the pathetic selfish monster she is, and snuff her out of existence! With enough power and determination, anyone can make the world as it SHOULD be.’”

It is strange, no matter what I throw at these characters, be it their possible horrible future, their evil past or even pure insanity, they are stronger than that. They are still able to choose their own way. For a while it seemed that everything was back to how it normally was after the battle inside her mind, but then Fluttershy confesses her own issue because of what she saw. One change leads to another.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012
“Fluttershy wasn't happy because she couldn't help everypony, Rarity wasn't happy because she almost lost the one being most important to her by her own hoofs, Applejack wasn't happy because she saw how different her life could have been, Rainbow Dash wasn't happy because her guilt was tearing her apart and Twilight still suffered from having to be strong and sane for everyone.

Character knowledge and continuity.”

Thank you.

I meant that I think you should double check it.
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2012
I have to admit that while writing it, I did think that this was the correct continuity and something Pinkie Pie could know.

“That would be like Rarity being scared of diamonds, or Rainbow Dash faking thinking that tiny clouds was Cloudsdale, or Fluttershy now having split personalities (what do you mean I should know?), or Applejack to flawlessly align herself with her Element of Honest looking into the heart of the cosmos! . . . .

Of course I read the previous chapters!”

From Pinkie Pie’s suspiciously specific denial in her Reharmonized chapter I thought that she would at least subconsciously know all these things about her friends. Plus in the official order of POV’s the four chapters did take place before Pinkie Pie’s chapter. While Twilight’s problem wasn’t mentioned in the earlier chapters I thought that the purple unicorn’s difficulties and her duties to organize Ponyville, when others couldn’t, were obvious enough for Pinkie Pie to see. At this point however the pink pony decided that the solution should be to have a long party until everyone was feeling better.

But I am open for any suggestions how it can fit Pinkie’s current knowledge and the continuity better.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012
I think the idea was Pinkie wasn't completely Nightmare yet, she'd began to change completely, but hadn't 'crossed the point of no return' yet. At least that's how I viewed it when Beta Reading, not sure if that was ItsfromPeople's full idea.

And, while that was does have somewhat of a point, you can choose your own destiny.
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