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The story begins with Celestia and Luna noticing that the Heart World is becoming active again as the next season is about to start. Luna is worried that their world will become more and more different from the Heart World. Now the connection is broken and both worlds will make their own developments. The Alicorn is worried that the shadows might lose interest before this world is independent enough to survive without a shadow-who-makes. But Celestia doesn’t seen to be afraid and is thankful that Applejack was able to stay true to herself instead of running away like she did in the Heart World. The Goddess of the Night reminds her that if their shadow-who-makes would abandon them, they would be left in a permanent frozen state. Just like all the other unfinished worlds that were never able to reach a conclusion and gain a life of their own. Celestia reminds her that not all shadows treat their stories like this; sometimes it is not their own choice to discontinue them. But Luna is genuinely afraid of being trapped in an incomplete world, doomed to endless repetition of the same events and suggests making some attempts to appease the Heart World. However Celestia believes in the world, its inhabitants and the shadows watching over them. Adding some events from the Heart World into this story might hurt it or go against established themes and motivations. This story had already inspired other worlds and stories, each of them are struggling to move forward. It is never easy. Celestia also reminds her sister that connections to the Heart World could change not only the future but also their own past. If Applejack hadn’t broken the connection, they would have done it with their own backstory. To regain this connection would mean to lose the family and friends who mean so much for them. Both wouldn’t mind Morning Star or Entropy to vanish into nothing. In fact it would be the greatest irony if the Incarnation of the Nothing would truly disappear. But at the same time could all their brothers, sisters, friends and even Fauna Luster and the Father of all Alicorns vanish. Their entire past could vanish. They can’t choose to keep one thing and abandon everything else. Finally Luna is able to overcome her doubts and proclaims proudly and LOUDLY what their past and the past of this world is and will always be. Everyone who hears this is slightly confused. But the Alicorn was able to overcome her fears.

Meanwhile the CMC notice that the Everfree Forest is currently spreading a lot of fog. Some ponies even begun to suspect that Fluttershy is behind it and Rainbow Dash started to talk to them instead, so that the shy pegasus might be able to move on. Thankfully Sweetie Belle seems to have recovered but her big sister insists on her wearing a thick sweater and a Buffalo dreamcatcher for her own protection. Now Silver Spoon has promised to watch over her and to bring her back home if her condition gets worse. Both Twilight and the doctors know that she had suffered from a magical feedback but don’t know that Diamond Tiara and Discord are responsible for that. Spike did also help Rarity by sending a message about her condition to her parents but it seems that for now they haven’t received an answer. Twilight did also confirm that Fluttershy is not the source of this new fog and Spike is sure that it is just normal random bad weather. Somehow I doubt the last fact. Scootaloo seems very proud to hear that Rainbow Dash earns more than most other weather patrol ponies because she needs to protect Ponyville from the unpredictable weather of Everfree.

Suddenly Twilight arrives and doesn’t sound well. In fact she sounds a lot like the time when she fell into complete panic about losing her friends. All of the CMC seem nervous and Sweetie Belle seems to almost instinctively shield Silver Spoon. Twilight’s happiness sounds very forced and it reminds the three children too much at the Want-It-Need-It-Spell incident. The unicorn notices this and tries to tone it down. She talks about how this new friendship would make a great friendship report for Princess Celestia. Silver Spoon is understandable surprised to learn that the immortal Sun Goddess sends her prized pupil, maybe the most powerful unicorn on this world, to Ponyville to write friendship reports for her. Sweetie Belle tries to make it clear that these reports are serious business for the purple unicorn. And the dragon is truly proud on his role in sending this letters to Celestia and the magic that he can use for that.

The CMC mention that they wanted to introduce Silver Spoon and Twist to each other and Twilight seems to try to get Silver to leave. First she suggests to go somewhere with Spike and then the unicorn offers her to eat some ice cream at Sugarcube Corner. The entire time she tries way too hard to sound cheerful. But the filly sees right through that and tells her to be honest if she wants her to leave. Now Twilight acts more normal and says that there is something private she wanted to talk about with the Crusaders. But now Spike insists that Silver and he are part of their group. And the dragon is smart enough to see that his bigger sister has problems and stays to help her as well. Silver Spoon would be ready to go but Sweetie points out that she doesn’t have to go, if she doesn’t want to. She still has to get used to not follow each order that is given to her.

Twilight claims that she merely has gifts for the three fillies but nothing for Spike or Silver Spoon. The filly says that she has more than enough and doesn’t mind being left out and Spike had once problems with gifts (and his greed) so he doesn’t regret that either. Then the purple unicorn shows a very mundane use for her teleportation and uses it to instantly bring the presents into the clubhouse. When they seem too surprised to act, she opens them for the fillies to reveal comic books for Scootaloo, music records for Sweetie Bell and a book about basic alchemy for Applebloom. The gift reminds the Apple at the love poison incident but Twilight wanted her to use this knowledge to get better along with Zecora. When the unicorn notices that the child seems unhappy, she also asks if she could help her with some chores on the farm. Her magic would be useful. She tries way too hard and Scootaloo seems to notice it. Twilight tries to distract her by talking about how valuable comics are as an art form. It is the kind of speech the purple unicorn would like but it shows the children very clear that there is something wrong with her.

Finally Applebloom spells it out and Twilight sees that she scared the children again. That was the last thing she wanted to do, she wanted to make up for what she had done towards them. Silver Spoon doesn’t know what she is talking about but soon it is revealed, that all of this is about the Want-It-Need-It-Spell. Spike tells her everything that happened: The nervous breakdown, the fall into insanity, the paranoia about disappointing Celestia and finally mind-controlling three children and driving the entire town insane. At this time Silver still had to recover inside her house, so she missed that disaster. And Twilight can be happy, if this world was still connected to the Heart World, she would have had another nervous breakdown that would have led her to wanting to freeze time. But when Silver says that this is very similar to what Discord did, Twilight is very understandably shocked. It seems that Silver doesn’t realise how much this is hurting the purple unicorn. Spike tries to calm her down but old wounds in the CMC have already been opened. It was a fight none of them wanted, just like the fight that unsealed Discord. Some ponies blame it all on the fillies, while the seal was likely already very weak if such a small fight could break it. And their big sisters Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash defend the children from any accusations.

Spike tries to make it clear to her that they all had accepted that Twilight suffered under a temporary mental burnout, just like everybody else. The fact that she had taken so many duties and responsibilities after Discord’s destructive day didn’t make it any easier for her. He points out that there is no need to bring that up but the purple unicorn orders him to be quiet. That isn’t normal behaviour for her either. Now she tries to change tactics again and tells them that she does admire them despite all the things that the CMC have caused in the past like walking into Everfree and forcing Fluttershy to save them or the incident with the fake cutie mark that terrified the entire town. But they were also mature enough to tell Twilight about the love poison and to apologise for the lies they spread as Gabby Gums. She claims that while she apologised to their sisters, she wasn’t able to apologise towards the children themselves and now wants to make up for that. Applebloom and Sweetie seem to want to reject the gifts but Scootaloo prefers to keep the comic books. All three rather prefer to move on and ask the purple unicorn why she does bring it up so late. For a moment they seem to suspect that this sudden guilt is connected to something dark, that might have happened recently, but that isn’t the case. The guilt over what she did was always there and building up until it erupted this morning.

Applebloom and Scootaloo were able to get over it but it was a lot more painful for Sweetie Belle after her own nightmarish time with being a doll on Discord’s day of chaos. She had nightmares about it and now the wounds are reopened. But she isn’t alone. Both Spike and Silver Spoon support her now. And Twilight still doesn’t know when she should stop and asks what she could do to make it up for her. Now Silver Spoon just snaps, she had more than enough personal experience with people who hide their true intentions. To defend her friend she walks up to the powerful unicorn standing before her and calls her selfish. She reminds her that these actions drove almost all of Ponyville insane and even if Princess Celestia had forgiven her, this doesn’t automatically means that everybody has forgiven her. She suggests to apologise to everybody that was involved but Twilight says that this would now just open old wounds. Then Silver points out that is exactly what the purple unicorn is doing right now, despite everybody repeatedly telling her to stop. Even Spike says that deep down it was selfish. Silver Spoon asks if the purple unicorn did all of this for her victims or just for herself. Twilight reveals that this wasn’t the first thing she did to get rid of her guilt; the book that resulted in the love poison incident was also an attempt to rebuild trust. Sweetie Belle was already past this but now while she needs to recover, Twilight has reopened these old wounds. That is the reason that Silver Spoon is so furious and hurtful, she tries to protect her new friend.

It brings the unicorn who defeated Nightmare Moon, Discord and Nightmare Whisper to tears. To the shock of Silver Spoon the purple mare admits that she is right and thanks her. Twilight says that they can keep the gifts and teleports away. Now it is Spike’s time to be furious. Silver Spoon had hurt the pony that raised him and now he compares her to her old days as bully Nr. 2. He points out that the mare she just brought to tears has already saved her multiple times and will do that again, if it is needed. The dragon says that the unicorn wasn’t afraid of losing Celestia’s approval but of being separated from the friends she loves more than anything and that in her ideal world her family and her friends could be with her in Canterlot. Now he is hurting Silver Spoon. The other CMC try to stop him but he says that they were also involved in the escalation of these events. They could have just accepted the presents and the apologies to make Twilight happy. At least Scootaloo is enjoying her present; she shares a lot of traits with Rainbow by now. But after her experiences with the CMC Silver Spoon will no longer sit aside as adults try to buy themselves free of their own problems. She asks him if he can understand that and he is about to leave in fury.

Before she got to know these ponies Silver Spoon would have let him go, but now she is willing to fight for him and holds him back. She pleads Spike to not leave her. Sweetie Belle comes to her aid, hugs her new friend and says that she is sorry as well. Now it is Spike’s turn to realise that he had truly hurt Silver Spoon, that she thinks that she might be losing a friend: him. Silver loudly wonders if she is still just a bully and under stress just shows her real nature but Sweetie tries to make it very clear that things are different now. Spike is about to leave but now Applebloom blocks his way and reminds him that Silver tried to protect Sweetie and this doesn’t automatically make her a bully, quite the opposite. A bully would never stand up for somebody else. But the dragon knows better than them how much this has hurt Twilight. In turn Applebloom points out that he is doing the same thing now: hurting somebody else. Finally Spike is able to calm down and tells the sobbing filly that she is a true friend to Sweetie Belle and the others. Now Applebloom is interested in learning more about what kind of person Diamond Tiara was being her role as a bully.

Meanwhile Twilight is still suffering horrible pain and she uses her impressive magical abilities to teleport to the house of Trixie’s family and bangs on the window. That would have still gotten the attention of the entire family but she was too stressed to think about that before doing it. Normally the chances of meeting her here were slim but Twilight is perfectly able to locate her friend by her magical aura. But she is not a stalker! Trixie carefully opens the window and in turn Twilight hug tackles her and starts to cry. The showpony is happy to see her friend again and hugs her but she is also understandable confused and wants to know what is going on. The entire family is somewhere else and they talk about the concept of family. Twilight says that she has neither a brother nor a sister. And this was the truth before Shining Armor was introduced and retconned into her life. Twilight remembers the time in Princess Gaia’s illusion when Trixie was her sister and wonders how different her life could have been if she had one and how that could have led to her to gain more friends earlier. Trixie talks about how she saw her familiy when she was The Great And Powerful Trixie but now she can no longer deny her BSBBFs. This suddenly triggers Twilight to remember her brother Shining Armor.

Trixie points out how strange it is to forget the only brother that Twilight had. The unicorn feels a strange burst of fear for her BBBFF. The last thing she remembered was meeting him before the fateful Summer Sun Celebration and after that she didn’t think at all about him. The showpony eventually decides that all these adventures and the stress that came with them didn’t allow her to remember him. But she still wants to know why Twilight visited her so suddenly and LOUDLY. The purple unicorn tries to hide it but she isn’t a good actress under stress. Finally she tells her friend everything that happened. Trixie listens calmly but in the end she wants to know why Twilight came to her to tell her all of this.

Twilight is not able to say it clearly and has another breakdown. She decides to make a checklist before Trixie drops the water from a bucket on her head. The showpony is finally able to calm her down and make her stop. She didn’t do that to hurt her but to help her. Trixie says that she is happy to see Twilight but she is just repeating her earlier mistake. She wants her to feel sorry for her and didn’t think about how this would make Trixie feel. Now the purple unicorn finally understands: She is sorry for not thinking about Trixie’s feelings, their friendship and just making the easy choice.

But Trixie isn’t done. She says that she actually enjoys to be the morally superior one for once and to be Twilight’s first choice in this matter. The showpony also thinks that Twilight did so much for everyone that she is allowed to have her mistakes, learn from them and move on. She doesn’t have to live up to the standards of an Alicorn. Maybe that will change in the future. And Trixie also loves her friends for what they are and that includes their flaws. She also asks her to leave dramatic entrances to the showpony. Now with Trixie’s help Twilight is able to spell out what went wrong: She only thought about her own perspective and not how others might view her actions. Unable to forgive herself, she tried too hard to make others forgive her. In turn Trixie gives her a gloriously hammy speech and absolves her of all of her sins. It is priceless. She also mentions that she has started to write her memoirs and as an Element of Harmony, who had a role in saving the world, this book will surely sell very well. Twilight’s book senses are activated and she simply must read this work-in-progress.

She does really enjoy reading it and already she feels better. Trixie likely knew this would help the bookworm. Twilight asks her when she became so good with helping others to help themselves and the showpony tells her that she had a very good teacher. This is truly heart-warming. Now Trixie wants to share something dark with Twilight. She had a dream of a world where Discord never messed with her and she didn’t have her family. This version of her was never hurt, so she was never healed by Twilight, so they never became friends. Instead she became worse and worse over time. Trixie doesn’t even want to know where this road might end. Almost terrified she asks the purple unicorn if they will stay friends. Twilight says that her healing was earned and real and the only Trixie that matters for her is the one standing before her now: The One And Only Trixie. Twilight may have used mere words but a few well spoken words at the right time can have more impact then the most powerful magic. Twilight asks her friend if she can spend the night and the next day here and in turn the showpony wants to hear why.

A small part of Twilight wants to make up for showing up only now and the rest wants to just spend some time with her friend when the fate of the world doesn’t depend on them. Trixie couldn’t be happier to hear this. Then Twilight just spends a wonderful normal day with her friend and hears her sing a beautiful song about being herself and the help she got from others to discover herself. Afterwards she promises her that she will try to visit her again and this time with the rest of her friends. Back at home all CMC are waiting for her and Silver Spoon apologises. In turn Twilight apologizes honestly and from the bottom of her heart for what she did. She also tells them how wonderful their friendship is. Finally she apologises to Sweetie Belle for opening these wounds and making it worse instead of better. In the end Silver Spoon tells her that while she hates it when people try to buy forgiveness; it makes it only worse to close your hearts towards them. Then she and the other CMC all hug Twilight. This is true forgiveness. Now Twilight has her own song about realising her own selfishness and walking this path together with her friends, supporting each other.

But we are not quite done. Now the CMC and Twist are at Sugar Cube Corner. Twist and Silver meet each other and Twist is completely distrustful at the other filly. In turn Silver Spoon tells her that she is truly sorry for what she did towards her and others. She just went along with Diamond Tiara despite the fact that she knew better and is sorry for that. Twist just thinks this must be an illusion or an imposter. Silver assures her that they both are friends to Applebloom and she would like to overcome the past and also have a friendship with Twist but that is also the decision of the other filly. Twist still thinks this must be some cruel prank and that she isn’t really sorry. She demands that Silver would have to apologize to everybody she hurt, not unlike what Silver Spoon suggested to Twilight not long ago.

Silver Spoon says that this would use open old wounds and make her a target, instead she would rather move on beyond her past and be a genuinely good person to make up for the time before that. Then Silver Spoon allows herself to act like a child and suggests several activities fitting for fillies, including shoving Silver into a barrel and letting her barrel roll down a hill. After thinking she always had to act mature and superior she is so happy to just be a child. Twist is worried what might happen to her glasses, but the other filly would be willing to entrust them with Twist. Her trust allows Twist to overcome her own distrust and both hug much to the happiness of everybody else. They all enjoy their time together when suddenly Twist talks about what Silver will do, when Diamond Tiara comes back. But she manages to make Silver Spoon feel better by acting like it is only a matter of time before that happens. Even now after everything she has learned Silver doesn’t hate Diamond for what she did back then. She is still her friend and would try her best, so that Diamond Tiara can also find other good friends like the ones Silver knows right now and be finally able to act like a child again. This is true forgiveness. Then Silver Spoon has her own song about the friends she has found, her loyalty towards them and her hope to that Diamond Tiara can understand that as well.

The chapter ends with two letters to Princess Celestia. Twilight thinks about how apologises can be hurtful as well, especially when they are just opening old wounds and that it is not always the correct choice to open wounds to let them heal. Each wound is different and must be treated with care. And most important thing is to try to think how this might be for the others. Finally both Silver Spoon and Twist write that even if mistakes and hurtful things were said in the past, it is not the right thing to close your heart completely towards others. People can change and sometimes forgiveness is needed to move on and accept such a change.

They are free.

Overall this was a wonderful chapter with a very unique message about forgiveness but also how each person is different and how this must be taken in consideration when trying to help them. Twilight hurt others because she only saw her own perspective. Trixie was able to help her because she was able to think like her and knew what Twilight needed and what would make her smile. Silver Spoon needed to say very different things to make Twist give her a chance to show her change. They are all different but there is nothing wrong with that. It is what makes them individuals and when they reflect this and interact with each other, they are able to overcome their own problems and grow from the experience. It is not easy but it is worth it. They can do it and they can create a world that is independent enough to survive on its own.
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alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
*cue 'pony the unknown' from episode 5 of the audio adaption instrumental version'*

It really FELT GOOD to write this chapter. You have no idea.
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
I think I can understand why it felt so good to write this chapter. There was no desperate battle against overwhelming darkness, just normal persons struggling with their own problems and trying to find their way. None of them had the answer at the beginning; they all had to work hard to find them.

And it was wonderful to see Trixie again. Her hammy speech was simply incredible and she was using that to cheer up Twilight. It really showed how much she had changed.
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