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The chapter continues with Spike trying a Shut Up Hanibal Lecture but he needs more experience with these sort of things. He could have pointed out that Fluttercruel wasn’t as insane as the others and still turned out the worst. Then he could have continued with saying that they will only fight her if she continues to obstruct their attempt to free the world of its horrible torture. Instead he claims the difference between them and her is that she was evil from the very start and could only turn out like this. The other timeline proves this wrong. The second voice tries to get the dragon to stop but he says that Fluttercruel is beyond redemption because there is no good past she could remember. And he has a point. The memory spell only worked because there was something good in their past. It wouldn’t have worked on Rarity, Rainbow or Pinkie if there would have been no good memories. Then again she has the memories of Fluttershy but Angry Pie showed that there is a point in corruption where the corrupted is not able to understand something like this anymore. The first voice compliments the dragon and calls him her friend for a lecture she couldn’t have said better. Fluttercruel cracks under his counter and it becomes clear how instable her mind actually was the entire time. Discord was truly a horrible father to raise her into this. She claims that she will never again have to have second thoughts or worries as she will follow this path to the very end. The second voice calmly points out that the dragon convinced Fluttercruel that she simply has no choice at all and will be more motivated to continue her murderous acts. Rarity also seems very disappointed that Spike gave in to his instincts and was not able to hold himself back. But it is in character for him to do this since he was the first to want to kill Angry Pie after she had seemingly killed Twilight and Sparkler is currently still trapped in a fate worse then death.

Then Pinkie Pie suddenly tries to tell a story about herself and how she thought she had to be constantly happy and was completely broken when Discord forced her to face her fears. But Fluttercruel seems unable to see the similarities. Applejack takes Fluttercruel’s words serious and asks her if she really wanted to change herself. The answer she gets from the sadist shows that she apparently didn’t consider the possibility that the heroes would want to talk about this matter once she brought it up. Pinkie Pie tells her that neither she nor her father have to die, they can still just leave after healing the world. But Fluttercruel rejects that thought as well. At this point the first voice seems just sick of Discord’s daughter. So now Rarity decides to enter the discussion and points out that Fluttercruel wasn’t lying when she thanked Derpy for her act of compassion and asks why she did this if it doesn’t fit her theme of showing love only by torture. The sadist simply doesn’t answer the question and repeats her claims that it is her special talent to show love through torture. As Fluttercruel did just reject this logic, Rarity tries a different approach and asks if she ever tortured her father to show him love but Fluttercruel just claims that she tortures ponies (and other mortals) to show her love for him. Then Lady Desire points out that the sadist standing before them is still a pony and she never tortured herself or let others torture her. If she would have truly believed that torture is love she would have invited others to hurt her but every time she was hurt, she reacted like she was in pain. When the Valeyard did hurt her with his sonic attack as well (very likely completely intentional, considering what he thought of her), she didn’t react like she got a love letter, she reacted hurt. She knows what her victims experience, she just doesn’t care for their perspective.

Rarity tries to point out that she hesitated to kill Derpy but Fluttercruel ignores this point as well. The white unicorn reminds her that she started this discussion and they are taking her serious now. She notices that the sadist seems more unsure then before and wonders if something happened since her body was killed. Eventually Fluttercruel is forced to admit that she did cry before trying to murder Derpy with the body of her daughter. Even she didn’t understand it. Twilight decides that using the memory spell on her could help her and allow her to understand the memories of her mother better. Fluttercruel is absolutely terrified but unfortunately before this promising idea can go anywhere Discord and Rancor interrupt them. The first thing he tries is to force Twilight back into her Tragedy mode and try to kill all her friends but it doesn’t work any longer. Rancor summons her spear and now she can finally do what she wanted to do all this time. While their three opponents make their dramatic entry, Spike thinks pragmatically and just wants to blast them with Harmony and be done. To be honest it would have been hilarious if they had blasted Discord in the middle of his sentence but the Draconequus likely would have seen that coming. But they need an opening for that attack to work and since Pinkie Pie could only distract two of the three opponents Twilight considers killing Fluttercruel in Sparkler’s body. Derpy would be ready to do it to spare her beloved daughter this fate worse then death. Discord says that Rarity hurt his daughter but she merely counters that he hurt and killed countless children and doesn’t care about them at all.

Rancor reminds them that mortals are not able to understand the suffering of millions (This is a sad truth, just look at the death statics of one war, any war… It is impossible to understand its real meaning.) and that they should concentrate on all the misery Discord brought over the ones they knew if they want to be unlock their fury. She also adds that those who hurt family must be punished. Discord still doesn’t seem to get what she is talking about and instead asks Pinkie Pie to marry him. He claims that she doesn’t have to die and that she could eventually change him for the better. The pink pony admits that she believes that this is beyond her ability and even after zillion years she would not be able to heal the void in him. She politely declines his offer and she doesn’t even react angry considering that he just a minute ago ordered Twilight to kill everybody including her. And his daughter tried to kill her a few minutes ago and his minions tried to kill her before that. Fluttercruel is happy that Discord’s hope of a happy ending for him didn’t come true while he seems sad about the result. The second voice points out that Pinkie Pie was absolutely correct. She would have needed a zillion and one year to change Discord into something better and shows a world where that happened. I have to admit that it would be pretty hilarious to see the reaction of the heroes, Fluttercruel and Rancor if the pink pony had accepted that offer, maybe on the condition that he would leave this world.

The incarnation of Revenge asks casually if anyone has anything dramatic to say and Discord did have a speech ready. But apparently he was too lazy to learn it and Spike incinerates it before Discord can give his monologue. But the heroes all have something to say before the dramatic event can take place: Applejack tells him to just give up. Twilight says that they suffered so much to come this far and now they have the chance to make up for what they have brought over Equestria. Rarity reminds him that they all try their hardest to atone for their sins and if he isn’t willing to do the same, he will face the consequences. Derpy pleads to get her daughter back but Fluttercruel says that she can’t do that and she will kill the mother to meet her in the afterlife. Pinkie Pie seems ready to beat some sense into Fluttercruel now that her mother isn’t there to do it. Apple Pie declares that when her friends in Ponyville where slaughtered, she thought all five of them were monsters but she learned that there is a story behind most monsters and was able to expand her horizon and now she is friends with someone she never thought she was able to befriend. Both voices compliment her for different reasons. The first one sees a useful tool to further her own plans while the second one considers her a great friend and wished she could have spent more time with her. Discord merely finds this declaration of redemption amusing and promises to revive Apple Pie after she was killed to be forced into the role of his jester.

Discord’s battle plan seems simple: Fluttercruel will do most of the work while he supports her from the sideline and Rancor watches his back. What could go wrong? His sister even tells him that she was watching his back the entire time. Twilight goes over the options they have. They have seven fighters on their side, they need six to charge up the Elements, logic bombs don’t work against Spirits and they need to find a way to keep Discord in place for the final attack. She wonders what Pinkie Pie could do and if Rarity might be able to aid them with her souls. Considering that Fluttercruel can steal bodies, they should focus on someone else first. But Rancor has now her new weapon and Discord himself is surely too strong for them. She considers letting Spike distract Rancor but eventually she comes up with a plan that involves them using their strengths in different ways and using the distraction to hit Discord point blank with her strongest weapon: The Destruction Spell. It is a very good plan and chaotic enough to work against Discord. It could weaken him enough to be vulnerable to the Elements.

The Draconequus is completely focused on them and Rancor takes the chance and stabs him in the back with her concept-killing spear. She finally makes her move and does what the Valeyard expected her to do. To be honest I expected her to do this for some time now considering that she never fought the heroes with her full power (or her spear), helped them a few times (like when Rainbow’s power could have vaporised them) and her choice of words was always very suspicious. Just go back and read some of her lines in earlier chapters again. Everyone present reacts shocked. Somehow even the seaponies feel something, maybe Discord’s influence on their minds is weakening. Fluttercruel’s mind just keeps falling apart, all of Twilight’s promising plans are suddenly worthless, Apple Pie has trouble to process that the seemingly eternal Discord could even be harmed, the first voice has a breakdown since this wasn’t supposed to happen, Pinkie Pie realises that this changes everything, Applejack doubts this event but is unable to see anything false about it, Spike feels cheated that he doesn’t get the chance to protect those who are dear to him in the final battle against the Draconequus (be careful what you wish for), Derpy knows very well all the horrible atrocious things he did and still does think that it wasn’t right that his family would betray him like that, Rarity does believe that Discord likely deserved much worse for what he did and is happy that this is one battle that doesn’t take place but at the same time she also sees Rancor’s act as very evil.

Discord is shocked, confused but seemingly also curious if this will finally be able to end the circle of misery he is trapped in. Both Twilight and Rarity can see that a part of Discord, Destruction’s essence, is ripped out of him and absorbed into Rancor. The brutal process leaves the Draconequus who seemed invincible as a broken mess. Meanwhile the power of Destruction fits Rancor perfectly and she becomes complete. As she throws Discord aside now that she no longer needs him, Fluttercruel can’t simply understand how family could do that to each other. Which is very ironic considering that both she and Discord are the living proof how much family can hurt each other. Both hurt many of their family members as well like Fluttershy, Shady and Destruction. Rancor doesn’t seem fazed by her breakdown at all and Discord’s daughter starts to deny what is happening here and tries to blame it on Applejack’s illusions. Saint Apple Jacqueline can see the mix of sorrow and rage within Fluttercruel and experienced that feeling herself as well when she had seen her own family die.

In her insanity Fluttercruel asks the one person who just stabbed her father in the back for help. Unfortunately the heroes don’t use this chance to hit Discord’s daughter or Discord himself with the Elements. They might regret not taking this chance later. But Rancor will just leave for the rest of her family now that this event is over and doesn’t consider taking Fluttercruel or Discord with her. She calmly explains that she was born to bring back the stolen essence of Destruction but when Discord had three powers and all his minions she had no chance to be able to take it from him. So she came in a time where most of his minions had turned against him and fought alongside Discord for a while to convince him and everyone else that she was his ally. The Valeyard could have easily warned the Draconequus of her upcoming betrayal but since Discord had only one truly loyal minion, he didn’t bother with that and rather used that information to blackmail Rancor. In the end it was Discord’s inability to get reliable and trustworthy allies that spelled his doom. Nightmare Moon was much better in getting minions that were truly willing to die for her while Discord spent most of the time preparing for the betrayal of his helpers instead of thinking how he could have prevented that from happening in the first place.

Apple Pie struggles to understand these events and wonders if Rancor was actually one of the good girls the entire time but the incarnation of Revenge corrects her. She was only doing it for herself and her family. Then she reveals that Discord devoured his own brother to get this power and is clearly enraged by this betrayal of family. Only Derpy and Apple Pie are shocked to hear this, the others never thought that there was any line Discord wouldn’t cross. The Draconequus doesn’t deny what he did and talks so casually about it that Rancor hurts him again. The first voice REALLY seems to enjoy seeing him suffer. Fluttercruel tries to stop her but gets kicked aside and Derpy catches the body of her daughter before she can crash into a wall. Rancor continues to tell what happen with Havoc’s Avatar and lets Discord keep this power since it was given to him.

And it turns out that Fluttercruel actually knew about Destruction’s demise and Discord claimed that he had to do it to survive. He really tried to find a reason for his act of brutal cannibalism and considering that the rest of his family was in reach it seems very unlikely that the two brothers couldn’t have been saved. That is really the problem with Discord, because of how untrustworthy he is, it is nearly impossible to believe anything he says. The second voice asks his daughter if she would have let herself be devoured by him in this situation and Fluttercruel says she would have let him do this. But it is clear that such a situation basically breaks her views of family completely. Either her father would hurt her by devouring her or she would stand aside as he suffers. And what Rancor just did also contradicted everything she believes in. Rancor did betray and hurt Discord but was loyal and reliable for the rest of her immortal family. The second voice points out that she hurt Fluttershy and the daughter doesn’t even deny it but claims that this was completely different because she did it out of love. When she or her father did it, it was okay for her but someone else doing the same thing broke her mind apart, maybe because part of her realised what they did all this time. The second voice calmly asks if Discord showed her his love by twisting her mind like he did with everybody else. That is basically the point, Fluttercruel shows both her hatred and her love with torture and suffering. Discord was able to act kind (for various often egoistical reasons but his love for his daughter seemed genuine) and since she worships nearly everything he does, there really seems no reason at all to be constantly cruel. Discord herself tried to lessen these tendencies, through mostly so she won’t kill all of his toys. But his daughter seems unable to understand this and just repeats her mantra of family support despite Discord, Rancor and Fluttercruel herself contradicting it.

Rancor doesn’t care much for Fluttercruel’s suffering and undergoes her own transformation. She becomes an adult Draconequus now additionally wielding the concept of Destruction. Rancor also takes the chance to add Disruption to her names. Suddenly she teleports next to Twilight and cuts her with the spear and for a moment Twilight’s very essence and name is injured. The others try to stop Rancor but their attacks are useless. And it turns out that the unicorn seems to recover from it and the Draconequus hints that she is merely repaying a favour for the unicorn. Considering that Rancor is a spirit (and can exist outside of the normal flow of time) it seems that she already met Twilight before even coming to this world. And maybe the ribbon she has was a gift from the pony. Then the Draconequus is smart enough to erase the concept killing spear with her new powers, so that it will not be used against her in the future. Now her victory is complete and she bursts with happiness and opens a portal to Oblivion to leave this world behind. Pinkie Pie tries her best to shield herself and Apple Pie from seeing this but the others are not so lucky. Fluttercruel’s nihilism lures her into the portal and she would have almost stepped inside it, dragging the poor Sparkler with her, but in the last moment Discord holds her back. His daughter hugs him in return.

Meanwhile Twilight sees Entropy and how much the greater concept of Nothingness hates her and every living soul for existing and disrupting her eternal silence. The unicorn can also see the shadows who envy her for existing while they are forever trapped in nonexistence, she can even see Toola Roola and Starsong Melody. Rancor just walks through the portal and Spike calls out for her to finish what she started and seems ready to attack her again. But the spirit of Violence is not interested in this battle anymore and wishes him and Rarity the best and just leaves. There is nothing the dragon can do about that. Discord is unable to erase the wound and in total despair Fluttercruel teleports the two of them away as the first voice rants that this doesn’t make any sense.

In the next scene Fluttercruel is still unable to understand what is going on with her father and tries her hardest to delude herself into thinking that everything will be okay. In her desperation she even uses the memories of Fluttershy to remember how to lessen pain but her father tells her that bandages will do nothing for him. Nothing could heal him at this point. Her mental state becomes even worse and she decides that he must devour her instead to regain his health. It worked once with Destruction and so she is completely ready to sacrifice herself to him. She practically tries to force feed herself into him but the fear for the life of his daughter allows him to knock her aside. Discord seems even weaker then he was before obtaining the two additional powers because he can’t control the might of Havoc’s Avatar without Destruction’s essence. He even lies to his daughter that her sacrifice would not work anyway since they are too different. It is quite the opposite, they are very similar. So while the Element of Cruelty is surely not as strong as Destruction’s power, there is actually a good chance that it would stabilise him. Eventually she snaps completely and simply decides that he will be okay and that she all by herself will take on the ponies trying to overthrow him. In turn he orders and even begs her to just leave him but she seems to be beyond reason, even coming from her father.

The first voice starts to talk with Discord again and apparently she took the advice of Rancor and did take a look into the past of the Draconequus. She mocks him brutally with the claim that his mortal mother (Shady) never loved him and that even in 1000 years he could have never made her love him or get a smile out of her. Then she brings up Rancor, who his immortal family had born specifically to rip the essence of Destruction out of him, to show that none of his families actually loves him. Meanwhile Fluttercruel tries to talk herself into believing that bringing him the six Elements of Chaos could heal him. The voice claims that Fluttercruel will walk right into her death when she will fight against the heroes again. No matter how hard he tries Discord is unable to talk his daughter out of it. Then he is able to understand why the assault of the first voice is so savage this time. She is trying to distract herself from her plan being derailed by Rancor’s influence. She is enraged that he compares her to him but then he decides to give Fluttercruel his own chaotic power as well as the power of Havoc’s Avatar.

That decision is just horribly wrong. If he had put any thought into it, he would have realised that the first voice lied to him. The heroes tried to reason with Fluttercruel and were ready to search for methods for a non-lethal takedown like the memory spell. They didn’t want to merely kill her anymore. Since they outnumber her, they would have likely tried to immobilise her and would have spared her, at least for the reason that she would have possessed another innocent victim if they had killed her. In fact she did already show that she doesn’t die so easily. While this gift of power had the best intention of protecting the child he loves, ultimately that is the last thing she needs with her already fragile condition. Now it seems that the first voice was sadly right about him and every attempt to do anything good is doomed to fail from the very start.

Then we get a flashback to one of Discord’s many crimes when he let the ponies of Manehatten run amok and form mobs to bring down the wealthy. As a reference to the Dark Knight Rises a pony with a scarecrow cutie mark is holding a mock trial. Screwball is also there to enforce this madness and Mr. and Mrs. Orange are about to be found guilty of being wealthy. Suddenly Rainbow Dash interferes and claims that Discord did erase all laws and therefore the attempt to enforce any law is one of the few crimes left to commit. This claim and her appearance is enough to frighten the mob into submission and then Dash seemingly decides to kill Mr. and Mrs. Orange. It turns out their death was merely a trick masterminded by Applejack and now she sends her beloved relatives away to Neighpon. At this point it is still safe since Cadence is able to keep Discord at bay. AJ herself feels unable to leave her corrupted friends behind. Rainbow Dash gets praised for her deception by Discord but deep down she is not ashamed of it this time. She didn’t do it to get any praise or glory, she did it for somebody else and brought herself into danger with it. This act was heroic, like she and her friends were in the past.

Finally Rainbow Dash was able to complete the rebuilding of her soul. Firefly, the first Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, Gilda and Fluttershy all praise her hard work. She didn’t do it alone but she is not ashamed to admit that she needed her friends. Only now does Dash wonder who the two other adults are and the first Rainbow Dash gives such a thought-provoking answer that it goes completely over her head but Firefly is able to say it more pragmatically: They are Rainbow Dash, they are her foundation from which she became her own person, her own character. And now it is her time to shine. Both Gilda and Scootaloo would rather not let Rainbow go but Fluttershy reminds them that it is her own decision. Both the first Rainbow Dash and Firefly mere together, now looking like an adult Dash. It is time for Dash’s decision. Her choice is to help her friends. She indeed chose wisely. Rainbow Dash awakens screaming Pinkie Pie’s name and still has to understand where she is now. When Minty tells her that the others went to Discord’s castle to cure the pink pony, the pegasus is ready to follow them instantly. Minty tries to get Rainbow to take a rest or at least take her with her but the pegasus flies without hesitation to the chaotic castle. Or she would have if not a flight of dragons interfered. It seems her arrival will be delayed even further.

Meanwhile the heroes are on their way to Discord’s throne and are still unsure what the last events do mean for their mission. Suddenly Fluttercruel stands in their way. The first voice encourages them to just cut her down but it seems that the little sanity Fluttercruel had left is almost completely gone. At first she gives Apple Pie a chance to flee this battle before accusing the others of impaling her father. Rarity instantly points out that they ALL saw Rancor doing the deed but Fluttercruel claims since family never does this, they must be responsible. And suddenly she calls all of them aunts, including Spike and she seemingly calls Derpy “Traitor Dash.” Apple Pie points out the contradiction that she just declared them all her family and is still trying to kill them. In return Fluttercruel can only scream at the child to just die but the filly almost pleadingly points out that she is contradicting her own “look at the bright side of death” ideology by caring so much about her father (and being unwilling of letting him die) and that she is just as trapped as the others were before their healing. This time Fluttercruel just tries to murder the little filly who is brave enough to stand up to her insanity. But Pinkie Pie takes the attack and Applejack and Rarity begin to heal her in turn. They apparently know that the pink pony no longer has her healing abilities. Fluttercruel seems beyond any reasoning at this point and brags about how she tortured Fluttershy and how Derpy should have tried to drown her children to share her special talent with them. Her ability to think rationally evaporates into nothing. The first voice can’t believe that they are still hesitating to cut her down.

The heroes continue to take pity on her and as she tries to continue to claim that mothers must share their talents with their children Pinkie Pie asks her why she tried to hurt Grenade Pie when Angry Pie set her foal free. And Fluttercruel doesn’t even seem to know anymore why she tried to do that but she still knows that she fatally injured Gummy when he tried to defend the child. In return Angry Pie attacked Fluttercruel savagely, led her child to safety herself and let Gummy die in peace. Fluttercruel just wanted to tear the mother apart in return but Discord stopped her and let Angry Pie keep the skin of Gummy as a reminder of the friend she lost. And after all of that Fluttercruel still couldn’t understand why Angry Pie wasn’t interested in becoming her friend. However Spring Dew was killed by Twilight Tragedy when she thought the foul was deserting. Apparently Discord erased that memory and Twilight is actually shocked to learn this but both voices support her to concentrate on the present. Pinkie Pie is willing to forgive the unicorn for what she did under her corruption and Twilight is ashamed for ever thinking that the pink pony would kill her loyal pet alligator. Spike is understandable sick of Fluttercruel constantly hurting his friends and tells her this will backfire on her sooner or later. But she is beyond caring for that.

Rarity still doesn’t understand why she is so obsessed with torture and killing if Discord is not showing any approval for it. It turns out she did realise that and concluded that she was simply not cruel enough to win his affection and the only way to gain it was to be even crueler. She completely ignored the fact that he was able to show her the most affection when she acted more like a normal, sane daughter. Fluttercruel tries to delude herself into thinking that she gained her cruelty from her mother and therefore Fluttershy wanted her to do all these things. She completely ignored what both of her parents were trying to tell her multiple times. Rarity points out that Fluttershy wanted Kindness and Discord wanted Chaos and what she does has nothing to do with either idea.

Then she is surrounded by Cruelty, Chaos and the power of Havoc’s Avatar and her mind seems to fall apart completely. All three parts merge together to form a mind unable to realise the simple truth that this very act fastens Discord’s demise and that if she truly loved him, she should have spent his last moments with him instead of leaving him all alone. She claims that giving him the Elements of Chaos will cure him and no matter what they say to her it doesn’t change anything. As the auras merge she is able to summon the shadows of existence and Applejack recognises them and tries her best to protect Apple Pie with Pinkie Pie. The poor child had to see so many horrors on this quest and Fluttercruel just forces another one on her. Fluttercruel keeps devouring the shadows that sacrifice themselves to her and it seems that while the shadows consider Rarity tasty, they suspiciously stay away from Twilight. None of them is able to defend poor Sparkler from being dragged into this madness. This event is the worst for Applejack since she is forced to see the birth of the concept that is her total opposite and for a moment various cruel worlds flash past her.

Fluttercruel abandoned her existence as a pony and becomes a pure Draconequus. The first voice is more shocked then ever; she never saw Draconequusification and tries to deny what doesn’t fit her world view. The new Draconequus declares herself Odyne Tulasi Delilah 'Fluttercruel Cruelty' Typhon. Odyne is the Greek Goddess of Pain, Tulasi is the name of the Hindu Goddess of Loyalty (who actually became a goddess because of her refusal to live without her deceased love), Delilah is likely a reference to the women who betrayed Samson and Typhon is the name she shares with her father. Derpy is just horrified where in this mess her poor child could be. It is just like with Discord. The poor mortal that was forced to become his host was completely forgotten over time and by this point only Celestia and Luna do know who might be still suffering inside Discord. Fluttercruel declares that she will fight and kill everybody on this world or any other world if she believes this will protect her father. Applejack tells her this fight is entirely pointless. Fluttercruel has absolutely nothing to gain and in fact loses precious time she could spend with her father instead. Twilight is willing to give the maniac the battle she wants so much but Fluttercruel merely turns all the air in the room into stone.

At this point her mind is basically like that of a Nightmare, she is able to device complex plans and traps but seems completely unable to question what she is doing or realise that she has nothing to gain in this battle. In fact Discord would not appreciate at all that she is trying to kill Pinkie Pie and Apple Pie. The pink pony is able to free them by punching the Draconequus into the stone trap, leaving cracks behind. The others can use that to break themselves free. Thankfully Applejack was able to shield Apple Pie and Derpy was able to hold her breath while this happened. But now Fluttercruel is ready to unleash her full power on them.

Overall this was a great chapter with many memorable events. Rancor’s betrayal of Discord was expected by many but she managed to pull it off in a very impressive manner. Rainbow Dash managed to fully recover her soul and is flying forward to help her friends. The interaction between the heroes was as likeable as always and the interaction of the two voices was very interesting as well, especially the parts where they actually agreed with each other (but for different reasons).

Rancor’s move was very well foreshadowed and you could see it coming. But the main focus of this chapter was the tragedy of Discord’s and Fluttercruel’s interaction. They are two beings who didn’t understand love and tried their hardest not to understand it. But despite that they did genuinely love each other but instead of helping each other, they made everything worse for the other person.

Discord wanted to protect Fluttercruel by giving her his powers but failed to notice that the heroes didn’t want to kill her and now that this insane Draconequus is standing before them, they hardly have any other option left but to use the Elements of Harmony against Fluttercruel to turn her into a statue as well. She made it very clear that nobody on this world or any other world is safe from her. Who knows what horrible crime or atrocity she will decide to do next in her insane belief that it might help her father. She would have been better off without his gift since then the heroes would have tried to just immobilise her or maybe could have reached her and talked her down from the battle where Fluttercruel simply can’t win anything.

Fluttercruel on the other side was completely unable to handle this situation. It is strangely similar to how Discord broke Diamond Tiara in the other timeline, in both cases instable minds were confronted with something their old worldview can’t handle and instead of being able to change and to adapt both Diamond and Fluttercruel fell into madness. Instead of being able to step out of the shadow of her father, she fully embraced it by turning herself almost into a copy of him, now wielding a similar trinity of powers against the heroes. She is fighting a battle that can not gain her anything while she could have spend what little time her father still has with him. Instead she left him all by himself. Their life has become a tragedy.
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